We understand that there may be circumstances that affect your ability to pay for college that may not be apparent on your financial aid application.

Perhaps your or your family’s income has changed since the application was filed. Or, you may have educational expenses that weren't included in your financial aid budget. Consider submitting an appeal. This will allow our Financial Aid Office to evaluate the impact of your special circumstances on your eligibility for financial aid.


Changes that affect your EFC

Appeals that result in a reduction of your Expected Family Contribution can result in an increase of need-based aid. If the Expected Family Contribution on your Student Aid Report is 0, submitting this type of an appeal will not further decrease your EFC. Given that zero is the lowest EFC number, you have been offered the maximum amount of Financial Aid available.

You may petition to have your 2021 income re-evaluated if you are reducing/terminating your work hours. Only petition if you worked 30 hours a week or more during 2021.

The Petition to use Projected Year Income form can be submitted if you expect your 2023 calendar year income or July 2023-June 2024 income to be significantly less than your 2021 calendar year income.

Your petition must include the following supporting documentation:

  1. A signed letter that explains your special circumstance(s).
  2. A signed copy of your 2021 1040 Federal Tax Return (first two pages only).
  3. All 2021 W-2 form(s).
  4. A letter from your employer(s) verifying termination or decrease in hours, stating what month it will begin or began, and indicating your salary or hourly rate.
  5. Copy of your most recent paycheck statement.

Other circumstances that qualify for a reevaluation of income are:

  • Legal Separation, Divorce, or Separation and the separation occurred AFTER filing the FAFSA/DREAM Act application
  • Death of a Parent (dependent students only) or Spouse
  • One-time non-recurring lump sum payment received
  • Out-of-pocket medical expenses 

Use the Projected Year Income Petition (on the Forms and Publications Page) to submit an appeal based on loss of earnings. Submit all supporting documentation to the Financial Aid Office. Please read the instructions carefully, as incomplete appeals will not be considered. 


Appeals to Increase the Cost of Attendance

If the student’s qualified educational expenses during the academic year exceed their basic financial aid budget, an appeal can be submitted to request additional assistance. Your cost of education can only be adjusted to reflect your own (not a parent's or dependent's) expenses. If a budget increase is approved, the increase will be funded with additional loans.

If your housing status changed (for example, from commuter to off-campus), use the Housing Adjustment Form. If your housing costs exceed the standard allowance in your budget, you may request a budget increase.

The Housing Adjustment form can be found on our Forms and Publications Page. Please read the instructions carefully.

Under limited circumstances, the Financial Aid Office has the flexibility to increase your COA. Submit a Budget Increase Request form if your aid needs to be increased to cover the following costs:

  • Airfare – cost of travel to visit family for the holidays or in an emergency
  • Child Care
  • Student's medical/dental expenses not covered by insurance
  • Special Projects/Equipment
  • Purchase of a Computer