The Office of Research and Innovation

The Office of Research and Innovation (ORI) is directed by Dr. Holli A. DeVon, Associate Dean for Research. The ORI faculty and staff functions cooperatively and most have expertise in statistics, methods, measures and all facets of pre- and post-award grants management. The ORI provides a comprehensive range of services and resources for faculty and trainees.

Our research and scholarly activities are supported by several mechanisms including the extensive resources of UCLA, the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI;, and the department of Veterans Affairs Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System. The majority of our nurse scientists are engaged in interdisciplinary research; collaborating with other scientists in anesthesiology, cardiology, oncology, psychology, anthropology and engineering.

Meet our Faculty and Staff

Holli DeVonSuzette GlasnerMary-Lynn Brecht

From Left: DeVon, Glasner, Brecht

Michelle ArandaArt MarentesImelda Hammes

From Left: Aranda, Marentes, Hammes


Holli A. DeVon PhD, RN, FAAN, FAHA Professor & Associate Dean for Research

Suzette Glasner-Edwards PhD - Director of Research Mentorship

Mary-Lynn Brecht PhD - Principal Statistician

Michelle Aranda - Principal Administrative Analyst Supervisor

Imelda Hammes - Administrative Analyst & Fund Manager

Artemio Marentes - Administrative Analyst & Fund Manager

Grant Services & Resources (pre-award, post-award; research labs; IRB & research compliance; animal research; editorial support; program)

The Office of Research and Innovation (ORI) offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to support faculty and students throughout the life-cycle of a grant. The ORI provides statistical support, conducts mock reviews, leads Café Brainstorm, offers guidance with regulatory compliance, promotes collaboration between faculty and students of all levels and encourages innovative, translational research.

Building Robust Funding Sources

The UCLA School of Nursing’s robust research portfolio boasts a wide range of funding mechanisms from NIH and numerous foundations. Research at the School of Nursing is conducted through school-supported and grant-funded opportunities. Faculty and student research efforts are vigorously supported through the ORI and the pilot grant program, major research awards, and the University’s significant resources.

Fostering Collaboration

Dedicated to continually expanding and strengthening the School of Nursing’s community knowledge base, the ORI offers colloquia spotlighting research topics of interest to better inform investigators across all levels of expertise. Additionally, the ORI connects the School of Nursing’s investigators with a broad network of multidisciplinary research colleagues so they can capitalize on overlapping areas of exploration with partners throughout the UCLA community. The ORI also acts as a central liaison to the National Clinician Scholar’s Program providing outstanding interdisciplinary post-doctoral fellowships.


We think of innovation today as relating to new technology, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and genomics but nursing has a wonderful history of ideas that positively impact human health. Who better represents innovation in healthcare than nurses with cutting edge ideas to advance health? The evolution of nursing as a profession of highly educated clinicians and scientists presents nursing with an excellent opportunity to be innovative in their research, implementation, and evidence to support best practices.