Faculty Research Interests

Shared decision making, Breast cancer, Drug-resistant epilepsy, Patient-provider communication
Adolescent congenital heart disease, CHD, Neurodevelopment, Cognitive outcomes, NIH, Memory loss
Tobacco-related disease, Cardiovascular, Hookah smoking
Reproductive Epidemiology, Occupational and Environmental Health, Male Reproductive Health
Community environmental health research, Heavy metal contamination, AI health, Behavioral health, Healthcare research.
Oncology nursing, Tobacco control, Nursing interventions, Tobacco-Free Nurses (TFN) initiative
Structural racism and health, Social determinants of health, Cardiometabolic disease prevention, Aging, Community-based/partnered participatory research, Research-based theatre, Community/public health nursing
Alzheimer’s disease, Genetics, Pharmacogenomics, Pharmacology and therapeutics, Biomarkers, Calcium signaling pathways
Sleep, Older adults, Family caregiving, Alzheimer's
Sexuality, Sexually transmitted diseases, HIV and HPV infection, Cancer screening, Cancer prevention, Vaccine efficacy, Molecular biomarkers, Infection
Heart failure, Sudden death, Brain-heart interactions, Sleep apnea, Polysomnography, Sleep studies.