CVPR Investigators

Name Expertise/Research Interest
Nancy Anderson, PhD, RN; Professor Emerita of UCLA SON Qualitative research methods; Applications of participatory research methods; and Development culturally proficient research measures and interventions.
Deborah Koniak-Griffin, EdD, RN, Director of the CVPR; Director of the CVPR Administrative Core; Professor UCLA SON Community-based nursing interventions to reduce risk and promote health of vulnerable populations focusing on teens, young parents, and families.
Jacquelyn Flaskerud, PhD, RN, Consultant for the PRCPC; Professor Emerita of UCLA SON Cultural beliefs and practices on the prevention and treatment of AIDS and mental illness as well as the utilization of health services by vulnerable populations; Participatory research methods and methodological issues in working with culturally diverse populations.
Mary Sue Heilemann, PhD, RN, Associate Professor, UCLA SON Resilience and other protective factors among women and children of Mexican descent in the context of intergenerational cultural change, gender, past trauma, and post traumatic stress disorder; Qualitative and quantitative methods.
Janet Mentes, PhD, RN, Associate Professor UCLA SON Prevention of acute confusion/delirium in frail elderly, specifically nursing home residents; Pain in cognitively impaired nursing home residents. Co-Director for the PRCPC
Dorothy Wiley, PhD, RN, Associate Professor, UCLA SON Sexually transmitted diseases, with special emphasis on HIV/AIDS and human papillomavirus infections and related anogenital cancers.
David Hayes-Bautista, PhD, Associate Director of the PRCPC, Director, Center for the Study of Latino Health and Culture; Professor, David Geffen School of Medicine Latino health issues, demographics and health policy.
Mary-Lynn Brecht, PhD, Faculty member and Statistician, UCLA School of Nursing; Senior Researcher and Manager of Statistical Support at Integrated Substance Abuse Programs, UCLA Issues related to the prediction and consequences of substance use and treatment outcomes over time. Provision of CVPR statistical training programs and support.
Sumiko Takayanagi, PhD, Statistician (Research Support Core) Provides statistical support and consultation to CVPR investigators, affiliates, and pilot study award recipients.
CVPR Affiliates (in alphabetical order)
Name Expertise/Research Interest
Mary Ann Lewis, DrPH, RN, Professor, UCLA SON Interventions for children with asthma; Developmental disabilities.
Karen Gylys, PhD, RN, Professor, UCLA SON