Eden Brauer

“In recent decades, there has been tremendous progress in cancer treatments and marked improvements in survival rates, which is wonderful news. However, cancer and its treatment can still leave people devastated on many levels — physically, emotionally, financially. Many patients experience long term and late effects of treatment and chronic cancer-related symptoms. It is now crucial to transform our systems of care so that we can promote the health and quality of life of a growing number of long-term cancer survivors.”

Dr. Brauer’s program of research focuses on cancer care delivery and strategies to implement high-quality cancer care to promote the best outcomes for patients with cancer and their families. She is particularly interested in improving symptom management and care coordination across phases of the cancer care continuum, from diagnosis and treatment through survivorship and end of life. Her current research is particularly focused on the use of patient-reported outcome measures in routine symptom assessment for oncology patients at risk for high symptom burden. A goal of this research is to develop tools that can help multidisciplinary teams of health care providers adequately assess and respond to common cancer-related symptoms, such as pain, fatigue, cognitive impairment, and depression and anxiety, in routine clinical practice. Another focus of Dr. Brauer’s research is communication practices between health care providers and patients about potential long-term and late effects of cancer therapy and how to best prepare patients for risks of long-term complications. Dr. Brauer is also part of a special working group within the Head and Neck Cancer Program at UCLA Health to establish a multidisciplinary survivorship clinic to provide cutting-edge, disease-specific follow-up care to patients who have completed cancer treatment. As a Registered Nurse and Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL), Dr. Brauer has dedicated her entire nursing career to improving oncology care for patients and their families.

Dr, Brauer is a Faculty Member of the Cancer Control and Survivorship Program in the UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Faculty Research and Clinical Expertise 

Research: Cancer, Cancer Survivorship, Symptom Assessment and Management, Quality of Care, Cancer Care Delivery, Heath Services, Supportive Care

Clinical: oncology, cancer, symptom management, stem cell transplantation


Bachelor of Arts, Columbia University, New York

Master of Science, Nursing, UCLA

Ph.D. Nursing, UCLA

Postdoctoral Fellowship, UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center

Honors and Awards

2007-2008 University of California Graduate Fellowship
2008-2009 Anna and Henry Lavarans Scholarship
2009-2010  Donald Leahy Scholarship
2015-2016  Dissertation Year Fellowship
2015-2017   Dissertation Research Grant, Oncology Nursing Society (ONS)/ ONS Foundation
2016-Current Edward A. Bouchet Graduate Honor Society, Member
2018-2020 National Institutes of Health Loan Repayment Award (Clinical Research)  National Cancer Institute
2019   Excellence in Writing Award for Qualitative Nursing Research Oncology Nursing Society


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