Commencement 2019




The 2019 School of Nursing Commencement Ceremony was held on Saturday, June 15, 2019, at 8:30 a.m. in Royce Hall.  All students who have completed, or will complete, the bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral program during the 2018-2019 academic year are invited to participate.

Admission will be by ticket only. Printed programs will be distributed to all guests and participants.  The ceremony will consist of a processional, opening remarks by Dean Sarna, student speeches (one from each program), a keynote from Kathleen Dracup, Dean Emeritus, confirmation of degrees, and recessional.  Each student who participates will have his or her name announced and will walk across the stage. A professional photographer will take pictures of students as they graduate.  

NOTE TO PhD CANDIDATES: The Doctoral Hooding Ceremony will be held in Royce Hall on Thursday, June 13 at 3:00 p.m. You will receive information on the Doctoral Hooding Ceremony after you have filed your dissertation.



BS - Candidates for the Bachelor of Science Degree must have reported their Expected Degree Term on My.UCLA.

MSN - Candidates for the Master of Science in Nursing Degree must file a Petition for Master’s Advancement to Candidacy (MATC).  This petition should be completed in to the Student Affairs Office during the first week of Spring Quarter, no later than Monday, April 8, 2019.  MECN students should sign their MATC forms with Janet Kang, and APRN students with Stephanie Dominick, at the Student Affairs Office window.

PhD - Doctoral students must file their dissertations by the June 14th deadline to be eligible to participate in the 2019 Commencement Ceremony.   



Participants in the Commencement Ceremony must be in appropriate academic attire (caps and gowns). You may purchase your announcements, graduation souvenirs, and order your cap and gown online at Graduation Etc. ( If you wish to purchase rather than rent your cap and gown, please place your order early and allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. 


The bachelor's gown is worn at UCLA without a hood.  The cap should sit flat on the head with the long point of the shell to the rear. Candidates for bachelor’s degrees wear the apricot tassel on the right side of the cap until the degree has been conferred. 

The master's gown is designed with an oblong sleeve, open at the wrist. The hood hangs to the rear from the neck and may be fastened to the wearer's apparel in front by a cord or elastic band.  The apricot velvet facing of the hood should lie flat over the shoulders.  The cap should sit flat on the head with the long point of the shell to the rear and the black tassel on the left side.    

The doctoral gown has voluminous sleeves with three velvet chevrons and velvet facings down the front of the gown.  The PhD hood has royal blue velvet that is slightly wider than the master's hood. Doctoral candidates wear a gold tassel that hangs on the left side.  

Sigma Theta Tau members may wear their cords draped over the neck and hanging down the front of the gown.  Those who have lost their cords may obtain new ones directly from Sigma Theta Tau International through their web site Sigma Theta Tau replacement cords will not be available at Commencement. For questions regarding your STT status, you can also contact Dr. Verzemnieks (




Guest seating is by ticket only. Each guest (including children) must have his/her own ticket. Graduates do not need a ticket for themselves. Each graduating student is allotted 6 free tickets.  By now, you would have completed an online Commencement Questionnaire to indicate the number of tickets you need; an email was sent to you last Fall. Note well that if you lose the tickets, they cannot be replaced.   Guests who are unable to attend the ceremony will be able to view it live via a website. More details to come.

We would like to enlist your help in seeing that Commencement is as meaningful and pleasant as possible for all participants and their guests.  Please ask your guests to arrive and find seating by 8:00 a.m. well in advance of the processional, which will begin promptly at 8:30 a.m. (no one will be allowed to enter the building or seating area while the processional is in progress).  Please let your guests know that BALLOONS, NOISEMAKERS, and SELFIE STICKS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN ROYCE to avoid having them confiscated at the door.  Seating for guests in wheelchairs is limited, thus we ask guests in wheelchairs to arrive early and speak to an usher by the entrance, who can assist them.

NOTE: Children are welcome to attend the commencement ceremony. The ceremony will last at least 2 hours, so guests with children should take this into consideration. If a child is old enough to sit in his or her own seat, he or she must have his or her own ticket.  


Traffic during Commencement Weekend can get quite congested.  Please allow extra time for your drive to UCLA.  Arrive early so you can relax and enjoy the day. 



Parking will be available for you and your guests on a first-come, first-served basis at the normal daily rate, which is currently $12.00.  Because of the number of people attending the various ceremonies on Saturday, you and your guests may have to park some distance away from Royce Hall.  Those of you with disabled or elderly relatives may wish to visit Royce Hall in advance to plan the logistics of getting your relatives in and out.  Attendants will be at the parking lot entrances.  For your convenience, Parking Services will sell pre-paid parking tickets beginning in the Spring Quarter around the end of April.  The Parking Services Office is located at the Strathmore Building on Westwood Plaza near parking structure 8.  For more information on commencement parking, go to: 



Students and faculty will assemble in the West Lobby and Patio at Royce Hall.  We will inform you if there is a change in location.  Plan to arrive no later than 7:30 a.m. so the staff have time to line up students, by degree and specialty for APRNs, and make last minute adjustments (fix your hoods, answer questions).  Instructions regarding the processional and recessional and seating arrangements will be given at that time.  The Faculty Marshal will read all names in alphabetical order and advanced practice students will be grouped by specialty.  In an effort to make certain that everything proceeds smoothly on this day, we ask that you line up as quickly as possible and remain in your assigned position. You will be issued a 3x5 card with your name on it, which you will hand to the Faculty Marshal before walking across the stage.

Please note that: (1) there will not be an area to store cap and gown boxes, purses, etc. and (2) the School of Nursing staff will have pre-assigned duties and cannot be responsible for safeguarding your belongings.  We suggest that you leave them with a family member or friend for safekeeping.



Names will appear on the commencement program according to the response you submitted on the Commencement Questionnaire. This may or may not be different from the name that is printed on your official diploma. The name that is printed on your diploma is the full name that appears on your transcript and on MY.UCLA. If you wish to change your name, you must file a Change of Name Petition, which can be found at .



Please review the UCLA Commencement Website at  You’ll find information on all commencement ceremonies, celebrations, parking information and more.