Faculty Research Interests

HIV, hematopoietic stem cell, HSC, based anti-HIV gene therapy, CCR5 Expression, AIDS
Gerontology nursing, chronic care, wound care, global education, behavioral observation studies, clinical trials, cohort observational studies
Cancer, Cancer Survivorship, Symptom Assessment and Management, Quality of Care, Cancer Care Delivery, Heath Services, Supportive Care
HIV, Immigrant health, self- and family-management, Asian Americans.
PTSD, trauma, psychiatry, autism, behavioral health, community violence
Disease self-management, health disparities, chronic disease, immigrants, culturally tailored interventions, stroke prevention, coronary heart disease prevention
women, heart disease, heart attack symptoms, acupuncture, biomarkers, inflammation
Depression, immune dysfunction, cardiac patients, ischemic heart disease, behavioral intervention outcomes, cardiopulmonary nursing, CBT
Ischemic heart disease, behavioral and lifestyle changes, cardiovascular risk reduction, UCLA Wireless Health Institute, hormonal mechanisms.
Addiction, cognitive behaviors, mindfulness-based thereapies
Alzheimer's disease brain, synapses degeneration, postmortem Alzheimer's tissue, transgenic mouse models, synaptosome preparation, plasma biomarkers
Breast cancer, IGF-2, estrogen receptor negative, ER-, BRCA1, BRCA2
Transmedia and media-based interventions, Grounded Theory in qualitative research, mental health and resilience among Latinas, Ethics and social justice.
American Indian health and healthcare, health behavior intervention strategies, cultural competencies, health disparities
Persistent chronic pain in children, Wireless Intervention Program, WIP, sensory processing
Research design, statistical analyses, multivariate modeling, survival, CART, Baron-Kenny approach, genetic association, gene-environmental interaction, Cancer
Breast cancer screening, minority cancer screening, cross-cultural instrumentation, KIM-CHI
occupational health, epidemiology, work stress, cardiovascular disease, depression, nursing workforce
Obstructive sleep apnea, MRI scanning, brain structure, brain imaging, depression, anxiety, con-genital central hypoventilation syndrome, CCHS, CPAP
Gerontological nursing, psychiatric nursing, dehydration, AGNS, oral hydration, Hydration Management Protocol