Research Study for Patients with Pancreatic Cancer and their Caregivers


Talking with a Cancer Nurse

About the Study

The purpose of this research study is to see if an online nursing intervention can reduce overall suffering for pancreatic cancer patients and their caregivers. We want to assess the practicality and acceptability of an online cognitive behavioral therapy (iCBT) led by cancer nurses along with education and coaching for patient-caregiver pairs who may be feeling depressive symptoms. We will look at changes in feelings of pain, fatigue, depression, and overall quality of life over time. We will also test the practicality and acceptability of using a smartphone application called chemowave to track symptoms over time. This study is being funded by the Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research.

What will happen if I participate?

  • Complete questionnaires that ask you about your mood, symptoms, medication management, sleep, social support and quality of life. This will take about 10-15 minutes to complete.

  • If you and your caregiver do not have depressive symptoms, we will ask you to use the chemowave app to track your symptoms for 12 weeks.

  • If you or your caregiver have depressive symptoms, you will both receive 6-weeks of iCBT at no cost.

  • Everyone will be asked to complete the questionnaires again at 6 and 12 weeks after enrollment.

Am I eligible?

You are eligible if you have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (currently or within the last five years) or you are a caregiver for someone with pancreatic cancer, and you have no history of dementia, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia.

What happens during iCBT?

  • You will have access to MoodGym, an online CBT program.

  • You will have weekly online sessions with the nurse therapist to talk about depressive thoughts and how to cope with them.

Benefits to you:

  • No costs for iCBT or chemowave

  • Track your symptoms

  • Help us learn about interventions to improve quality of life and depressive symptoms for pancreatic cancer patients and caregivers

  • Enter a raffle to win $150 Amazon card

Contact Us

Principal Investigators: Dr. Lynn Doering, Dr. Eunice Lee

Study Contact: Dr. Eunice Lee

Phone: 310-267-0057



Clockwise from top: Dean Linda Sarna, Dr. Eunice Lee and Dr. Lynn Doering, Investigators and Agi Hirshberg, Foundaiton Founder
Clockwise From Top: Dean Linda Sarna, Drs Eunice Lee and Lynn Doering, Investigators and Agi Hirshberg, Foundation Founder.
Study funded by the Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer



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