Jackie Sisto, APRN Student

Saving a Life

I was driving home. There was a man trying to get someone’s attention by the bus stop where a woman had fallen forward on her face because she was in cardiac arrest. I pulled my car over and ran to her side. They kept saying she’s pregnant and she’s choking. I looked at her and realized she wasn’t choking -- she was just not breathing at all. I put her on her back and started CPR. After a minute, she started breathing again. She was confused. I’ve done CPR at our hospital before. But when in the hospital, the patients are already brought to the ER. When it’s on the side walk, you have nothing. You are the first person to stumble into them. You’re the first responder.

I’ve been in ICU for the last 5 years, as nurse for 12. I was a bedside nurse. I wanted to advance my education further, I wanted to have a bigger impact on the patients I am taking care of. I am finishing up my MSN right now and will be an acute care practitioner.