Jasmine Wong, Bachelors Student

Jasmine Wong

“At the California Department of Public Health, I had the opportunity work on Senate bill 97, which is a measure to increase the number of hours that nursing and patients had to spend together. The logic behind it is that the more hours you spend with the patient, the better the health outcomes would be. We recognize that not everyone could reach the new hour requirement, so we had waivers. People will have the opportunity to be more flexibility. I got to do some research as well, on the nurse to patient staffing ratios across the country. I researched how different state laws and staffing ratio affected HCAHPS score, that’s patient satisfaction, and hospital acquired infections.

I think a big part of CDPH is looking at systematic issues and addressing it at the source of its problems. Oftentimes, we are in cycles—patients come to the hospital, receive care, but may not have the financial means to follow up with medication and get further treatment. So being able to pinpoint where in the cycle we can address systematic issues is a really big part of public health.” 

-- Jasmine Wong, third-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing