Abraham Urias, Bachelors Student

Abraham at Veteran Game

“I went to military to become a military police officer. I didn’t have the pre-requisites. They said I could be a Health care specialist instead. What they didn’t tell us was it’s just a combat medic—they're the people that go out with the infantry, and be the ones that bring them back. You’re an infantry man that does first aid. I’ve seen first-hand the effects of war. I’ve seen different populations, I lived in Germany and Korea, and saw how different health system affects people. In Korea, they have universal health care, and that affects how they see their general well-being. I also see the downside of universal health care, The state hospitals and the long lines. Being a nurse is affected by the people you’re serving. 

When I got out of military, I was looking for a job. Everywhere I was looking, nowhere would take my qualification from the military. Everyone was just saying, just do a certificate program, but why should I do a program I already have experience in. Instead of doing that, I wanted to pursue the next step-- nursing. I wanted to do something more.”    

 --- Abraham Urias, second-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing

(Photo: Abraham was named Veteran of the Game during the UCLA versus Utah football game at the Rose Bowl October 26.)