The Teaching Kitchen

A small group of students were gathered around the spotless work counter, listening intently
as Culinary Arts Coordinator Julia Rhoton demonstrated how to make a quick, tasty, budget conscious and nutritious meal while letting them try their hand at replicating it.

Gardening: Growing Strong Mental Wellness

It began as a modest investment of space and money – an unused, raised outdoor planter bed at UCLA’s Stewart and Lynda Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital and $350 worth of plants, soil and gardening tools.

But, with careful planning by a multidisciplinary team, the 2.5-foot by 10-foot plot yielded  a popular therapeutic tool for some of the hospital’s inpatients and produced an important piece of research.


“We recognize that there is a serious deficiency in the number of Latino registered nurses and we want to lead the way in increasing the numbers,” said Dean Linda Sarna at her presentation to the National Association of Hispanic Nurses in January.  “We need nurses who will understand the community – its language and its culture. Latino nurse researchers are underrepresented and that needs to change too.”



When you live on the streets, life is grueling. And stressful. Your focus is survival. Where do I sleep?  Where do I eat?  Health care—and healthy living—are low priorities when the most basic of human needs are in question.

But when the days turn into weeks, and, then, months (and, perhaps, years), the toll can be staggering.

Bodies take a beating when you live on the street. In addition to exposure to the elements and the risk of assault, chronic issues go untreated and can spiral out of control.