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While the UCLA School of Nursing faces budgetary constraints due to minimal state support to higher education, California and the nation are desperate for highly skilled bedside nurses as well as advanced practice nurses, nursing faculty, and health policy leaders. California ranks #49 out of the 50 states for registered nurses per population ratio; only Nevada is lower. Even though the school is affected by greater challenges than ever, it continues to be among the top nursing programs in the country.

The UCLA School of Nursing has been in the forefront of nursing education since its inception in 1949. The School understands the urgency and the need for better qualified nursing professionals at all levels of practice. Your generous support will enable us to address these critical issues, to increase financial scholarships to students of nursing, and to support the faculty and staff who are working hard to educate our future nurses.

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For more information about supporting the UCLA School of Nursing, please contact Amy Drizhal at (310) 794-2358 or adrizhal@sonnet.ucla.edu.