Legacy Project

Lulu Wolf Hassenplug, Founding Dean
Lulu K. Wolf Hassenplug, Founding Dean

Endowed scholarships are crucial to our success in educating the nursing leaders of tomorrow and advancing health in California and beyond.

Behind every endowment are stories — of donors who give to the university they love, students who benefit from the generosity of others, and families who strive to make the world a better place through giving. When donors create an endowment, they make an everlasting gift to the UCLA School of Nursing. An endowment donation is never spent. It is invested, and earnings from the investment provide ongoing support for the university.

It is important to us that we collect and share these stories, providing a historical record of philanthropy at the UCLA School of Nursing. If you have information about one of our endowed scholarships listed below, or would like information about establishing your own endowed scholarship or other ways to give, please contact Amy Drizhal at 310-794-2358 or adrizhal@sonnet.ucla.edu.

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