Donor Honor Roll 2017


Gifts and Pledges for the period from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017

The UCLA School of Nursing is grateful to all of our alumni, friends, students, faculty, staff, foundation and corporate partners for your contributions. This Honor Roll recognizes our generous donors who have made contributions of $100 more during the 2016-17 fiscal year.

Whether your gift is $25 or $5 million, your generosity enables us to continue to build upon our excellent record of transforming nursing practice and advancing science by enabling students and faculty to reach new levels of success.

It is important to us that we acknowledge you properly. However, errors and omissions do occur. To inform us regarding any inaccuracies, please contact Andrea Parada at 310-206-7813 or

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(*) Deceased

(P) Parent








AltaMed Health Services Corporation

Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital, Ltd.

Northeast Valley Health Corporation


American Heart Association National Center

Maxicare Research & Educational Foundation

The Nicholas Endowment




CVS Corporation

Operation USA


Sigma Theta Tau

Sigma Theta Tau International Gamma Tau Chapter-at-Large

$500 – $999

The Boeing Company

Lockheed Martin Corporation #

North Tustin Veterinary Clinic Inc.

$100 – $499

Aspen Dental Center

BlackRock, Inc.

Chevron Corporation

IBM Corporation

Evette McAlister Productions

Medtronic Incorporated

Northrop Grumman Corporation


Ventura Beach House

Villa Serrano Care Home

Wells Fargo & Company

Some Anonymous Gifts

A special thanks to Barco's Nightingale Foundation for donating certificates for our graduating pre-licensure students for a free set of scrubs from Barco’s Uniforms! 



 $100,000 – $499,999

Some Anonymous Gifts

Chen Family Trust

Shirley '59 and Ralph Shapiro '53, JD '58

$25,000- $99,999

Laurie and Steven Gordon

Annette '84 and Patrick Welton MD '86 P


Linda Burnes Bolton MN '72, MPH '76, DRPH '88

Janet and Levent Mentes

$5,000- $9,999

Harry W. Boyd

Suzette Cardin PhD '95 and Edward Barden

Julie Waxman and Seth Freeman

Linda MN '77 and Stanley Gorman

Charles Alan Griffis MS '83, PhD '05

Kathleen '76 and James Stengel P

Sheila MN '79 and Gerald Wroblewski P

$1,000 – $4,999

Tonia Amos Jones MSN '96, PhD '06 and Darryl Jones

Nancy MN '75, PhD '87 and Don Anderson

Enid Busser P

Betty Chang and Siegfried Knorr

Francine MN '92 and William Curtis

Michele Curtis-Lavin MN '90 and Norman Lavin

Ann Dechairo-Marino PhD '00 and William Marino

Lynn MN '86, PhD '94 and Bruce Doering JD '84

Edith Inez Dominguez MN '73

Devona Bastiaans Fagan MSN '07

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Faherty Feldman Charitable Fund

Bonnie Faherty MN '75, MPH '76 and Edward Feldman '63, JD '66

Bonnie A. C. Lee Fang Foundation

Gloria and Stanley Fishfader

Karen Ann Grimley

Jo Ann and Eugene Herley

Agi Hirshberg P

Leslie MN '79 and Aaron Kern '75, MD '80

Aaron and Leslie Kern Family Trust

Robin C. F. Lee

Susan '77 and Howard Mandel

Ellen '74, MN '78 and Harold Meier MS '72, ME '81

Cynthia and David Mirsky P

Yoko '56 and T. Peter Mori

Joanne MN '74 and Marc Moser '67, MPH '72

Jan Nash and Elizabeth Resnick MBA '13

Adey and Eswar Nyamathi

Melanie Olsrud MSN '98 and Mark Turner

Carol and Charles Pavlish

Isabell MSN '99, PhD '04 and Laurence Purdy

Susan MSN '99 and Rick Renteria

Linda '69, MN '76 and Gregory Sarna MD '70

Louise Elizabeth Toutant MSN '99

Suzanne MN '85 and Paul Ward

Heidi '84 and David Welch

Sandra and Jay Wilbur '68 P

Lynn '64 and William Zeman

$500 – $999                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        RETURN TO TOP OF PAGE

Katherine MN '80 and William Anderson

Peter Anderson '99, MSN '01 and John Riley

Katherine MN '78 and J. Dennis Baker

Karen MN '85 and Greg Brody '75, MPH '77, MBA '77 P

Jewish Community Foundation Melanie & John Bronstein Fund

Melanie MN '84 and John Bronstein '78

Katherine Conway MSN '00 and John Tabar

Michelle MSN '01 and Roman Cornell

Jill Davis-Prickett MN '85 and David Prickett

Suzanne MSN '96 and Peter Day

Pamela Diggle and William Friedman

Kathleen MN '74 and John Dracup

Charleene '60, MS '64 and Douglass Frazier

Judith MN '87 and Jonathan Groesbeck

Kelly Guzman MN '94 and Mark Tennant

Juan Gilberto Herrera P

Arlene Gerken Kaliannan '78

Barbara '57 and Roderich Lamm

Eunice and Jae Lee

Nancy Keenan Lewis '66

Ada and George Lindsey

Ann '74 and Raymond Lowe '77

Robert Felix Maxwell IV '03, MSN '12

Mika and William Meierding '95

Karen '82 and Joel Nelson P

M. Carol MN '95 and William Parente P

Ellen '81 and William Peters JD '82

Laurie Elizabeth Reyen '78, MN '83

Judith MN '84 and James Roach Jr. P

Lisa '79 and J. Robert Taylor P

Gwen '67, MN '73 and Stephen Uman

Inese Verzemnieks PhD '98

Ward Family Trust

Eleanor '66, MN '68 and Gerald Weinstein P

Ann MN '90 and Donald Williams

Paula Woo MSN '04

Susan Setsue Yamada '66

Maria Yefimova '11, MS '14, PhD '16 and Mark Gottscho '11, MS '14

Patrice and Stephen Zamenhof

$100 – $499                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         RETURN TO TOP OF PAGE

Dorothy G. Bento Abrue '61

Claire MN '68 and Richard Adams P

Jonathan Adrias

Salpy Akaragian '75, MN '80

Mulikat Olaide Akib MSN '10

Lydia Almeida MN '91

Mary Jane Amundson MS '66, PhD '74

Paula Anastasia MN '93 and Martin Davis

Prudence Stennett-Anderson '05, MSN '07 and Joshua Anderson JD '00

Bridget Afrakoma Appiah

Mimica and Ibrahim Arnaout P

Joyce '59 and David Atkinson

Ram Bajaj

Linda Barlow-Palo MN '95 and Paul Palo

Sonya MN '74 and M. Lloyd Baum

Carol and Daniel Benson P

Elizabeth MSN '11 and Bruce Bevan

Lisa Marie Bielinski MN '95

Mirja S. Bishop '60

Nancy MN '89, PhD '12 and Kevin Blake

Linda and Keith Bloom P

Linda B. Bourque

Reid Brackin

Adele Anne Bradford '00

Barbara J. Bradstock '66

Sharon Braun MN '95 and Brian Thompson

Sandra MSN '00 and Thomas Bresnahan

Barbara Brewer P

Karen '80 and Stephen Broach

Sheila Ann Bronson '79

Rochelle Brucker '57 P

Linda Louise Brundage MN '82

Beulah Sgitcovich Burgess MS '68

Rhonda Loretta Burno MSN '97

Cheryl Westlake MN '85, PhD '98 and Robert Canary

Teresa '76 and Stephen Caswell

Judith Shirley Chapman '58 P

Kristi Ling Chen MSN '15

Wen-Ching Chen

Nancy '66 and Gilbert Chesterton P

Alice Lee Chow MSN '11

Priscilla MN '93 and Daniel Chow '79

Rona MN '69 and Howard Cohen

Terri Lynn Cole MSN '09

Betsy '66 and Thomas Collins '66

Julie '80, MN '87 and Robert Creaser

Mardi MSN '97 and David Culberson

Carol Lynn MSN '07 and Torin Cunningham

Janet '68 and Arthur Dakan MA '70, PhD '74

Beverly Jean Daniel MSN '00

Wendy Davidson MSN '96 and Richard Bryant P

Susan MN '73 and Dennis De Pietro

Kristine T. De Queiroz MS '57 P

The De Queiroz Trust

Elizabeth Delgado-Yang MN '87 and Michael Yang P

Marguerite MN '80 and Thomas Dennis Jr.

Frances Denny '65

Anayis MS '74 and Ara Derdiarian

Susan Dewey Hammer MN '77 and Jeffrey Hammer

Ruth and Michael Di Mucci '83

Hilda Diaz MSN '15

Scott Dicks

Dierdrie Knapp Douville '59

Marjorie and James Downie Jr.

Amy Wilson Drizhal and Ludek Drizhal

Maria Antwinette Dudley '82

Roni Manalil Eapen MSN '11

Jo-Ann O. Eastwood MN '95, PhD '04

Christie and Ronald Enholm

Jefferson Andres Escuadro '93, MSN '98

Fely and Jaime Esguerra P

Constance '74, MN '84 and Donald Fairchilds Jr.

The Fairchilds Family Rev Trust

Samantha J. Fajardo '89

Suzanne Leigh Farhat MN '92

Mary Feeley '71 and Robert Daniels '71

Jacquelyn and John Flaskerud

Rhonda Flenoy-Younger

Sarah Bailey Forsythe '92, MS '81

Rosemary MN '82 and Paul Frenkiel

Marilyn Froom-Johnson MN '71 and R. Edward Johnson

Catherine M. Gabster MSN '07

Maureen Deidre Gallagher MN '79

Marlen Garcia P

Anna Gawlinski PhD '93 and Ronald Ramus '91

Richard K. Gibson MN '85

Susan MN '84 and Stewart Given

Vickie '79, MN '93 and Kevin Gleed

Sarah J. Goldberg MSN '06

Linda Goldman MN '81 and Shalom Ofer MS '82 P

Camille Goldsmith MN '72 and John James

Judith MN '76 and Michael Golub

Shirley M. Gonzalez MS '61

Nancy '66 and William Gordon

Ricardo Orlando Gray '13

Dana '79, MS '86 and Thomas Grogan

Grogan Living Trust

Elizabeth '82 and Harlan Grogin

Peter Andrew Guarnero MN '90

Elizabeth '79 and Francis Gyermek '79 P

Susan MN '80, PhD '91 and Les Hardie '67, JD '70

Marin B. Hart

Susan Elaine Henderson MSN '97

Elizabeth Hill-Gutierrez MN '85 and Henry Gutierrez

Karen and Eric Hipp P

Marcia and Jeffrey Hobbs

Christine '67 and Clifford Hogstedt '67

Eileen '50 and Chester Holder

Wendy '72, MN '74 and Edmund Hollis

Margaret Shannon Holloway '73, MN '86

Mary MN '88 and Thomas Horan

Linda '82, MN '89 and James Howat

Hsiu-Hui and Yu Huang P

Lynn '70 and Howard Hudson

Mary Jane '56 and Richard Hungate

Yukiko and Robert Husser P

Shirley Ip MSN '00

Demetrice Isaacs '86

Roberta MN '95 and Robert Itami

Pasia Ari Jackson

Patricia A. Jakel MN '91

Debara '69 and Ross Jameson

Virginia '76, MN '79 and Tomas Janovsky

Linda MN '79, MBA '83 and Manfred Jaspersen MBA '83

Barbara MS '60 and Joseph Johnson Jr.

Wendy Ann Johnson

Susan MSN '00 and William Jones P

Vanessa Maria Kalis MSN '03

Emi Kamikawa '61, MED '77

Alexandra Kasioumis '07, MSN '10

Jean '83, MN '86 and Jerome Kasper P

Helen Kluthcher Kee MS '68

Christine Y. Kim MSN '02

Cathy Kissinger MN '87 and John Yard

Deborah Koniak-Griffin and Arthur Griffin

Lois and Craig Kusunoki

Sophia Bao Tran Lam-Hua MSN '07

Deborah MN '85 and Tom Larson

Cheryl MN '90 and Scott Lee

E. Juanita Lee MN '74

Susanna and Kai Lee '70, MS '71, MS '73, PhD '74

Mary '91, MSN '98 and Thomas Lesniewski PhD '97

Elizabeth Kemper and Andrew Leuchter

Sharron '61 and Stanley Levey '71

Mary DRPH '84 and Charles Lewis

Christine Lim

Jung Lim '97, DDS '02, MS '02

Shiu Shia Wang and Yen Cheng Lin P

Sheila MN '76 and Peter LiPera

Julie MSN '97 and David Lister

Ann MN '81 and Thomas Long

Christina and Roy Long P

Wamence Louis-Goda

Laurie Ann Love-Bibbero MSN '01

Colleen MS '66 and Charles Madaris

Margaret Yoshiko Maeno MN '78

Alma Magana '03, MSN '05

Sandra MN '78 and Robert Malone Jr.

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Harold Jr. and Susan Mancusi-Ungaro Family Charitable Fund

Susan '71 and Harold Mancusi-Ungaro Jr.

Karen and Jack Margolis '54, MA '57, PhD '60

Philip Cooper Marks MSN '11

Jacqueline Denise Marroquin '10, MSN '15

Eleanor Martin MN '89

Angelika Berta Mayer '55, '58

Jane Marie McAteer MN '76

Mary K. McCloy MSN '96

Alice McDole

Nancy Ellen McGrath MN '91

Thelma '65 and Jack Meier

Sherri PhD '07 and Thomas Mendelson

Cecilia Amy Mendoza '03, MSN '05

Amsale Menkir and Tsega Mintesnot P

Marilyn '77 and John Mignosa

Anne MN '90 and Thomas Mitchell

Sheri Monsein MN '88

Janet Elizabeth Moore '83

Denise MN '86 and George Morris Jr.

Fay MS '66 and Calvin Moss

Lani MN '93 and Douglas Moss

Reiko Nagumo '56, MN '58

Susie Lee MN '77 and Keith Nakao

Marty '66, MN '87 and James Nason

Jane Naylor-Bernardy MN '76

Margo Neal MN '74 and LaVern Schenkelberg

Vida Francis Negrete '59

Mary Baron Nelson PhD '12

Susan MN '71 and Robert Nicholson P

Marian MN '78 and John Niles

Niles Trust

Russell C. Noel

Delora '58 and Stanley Norsworthy '58, PhD '70

Roberta S. O'Grady

Kingjoe Chigozie Okoh

Cheryl Okumura-Nieders '82 and Alan Nieders

Joanna '58 and Jerry Olmstead '58

Heidi Haewah Park '02, MSN '04

Eleanor '62 and Max Pascua

Klaire Patterson MS '93 and William Whitehurst P

Elizabeth and Jim Peoples

Nancy Lou Pepper MS '59

Laura Eileen Perry

Sheila Pickwell MN '77 and Ronald Langacker

Yvonne '58 and Stanley Pine '57, MS '62, PhD '63

Joanne '72, MN '77 and Robert Pollack '71

Josephine MN '73 and Jack Preisner

Sharon '73 and Lyle Randles III '71

Mary MN '87 and Louis Rappoport

Thordis '60 and N. Arthur Rasmuson

Marsha Lee Ray '70

Pamela Ann Ready MS '96

Kristin '91, MSN '99 and David Rhodes

Deborah MN '88 and Terry Rice

Judith '77 and Craig Riemer JD '80

Susan PhD '03 and Dennis Roberts

Virginia '64 and Harry Robinson

Arlene '60 and John Rocchio

Alice I. Rogers MN '91

P. Rogers

Sharon MN '91 and Jim Rowlands '66

Jane MN '72 and Asa Ryan Jr.

Linda Ryan-Nicklas MN '92 and Rick Nicklas P

Diane Phyllis Salomone '83, MN '86

Heather MSN '04 and Matthew Sanders MA '93

Rebecca MN '83 and Michael Sanders

Jia-Wen Chu and Jinqlih Sang P

Marlon Garzo Saria MSN '04, PhD '16

Ruth '64, MPH '75 and Simon Sayre MPH '68

Cynthia Claire Scalzi MN '69, PhD '84

Karen Corinne Scharff '81

Lee '63, MS '68 and Reynold Schmidt '60, MD '65, MPH '67

Janet '73, MN '76 and Matthew Schneiderman

Deborah MN '87 and Walter Schobel

Carol '60 and Robert Schwab '61

Kathleen and Darryl Scrivner

Esther F. Seeley

Annette Louise Sellon MSN '96

Pacita MN '87 and Sergio Serrano

Frances MN '77 and William Stoeckle

Shelli and Stephen Shepherd

Mary Eileen Sheridan MN '83

Evelyn M. Silk '71

Carla Singer MBA '80

Anne R. Skinner MN '85

Mary MN '67 and Donald Sloper

Sheryl Joy Smiloff MN '77

Paula Smith MN '90 and Robert Loitz

Loretta Yukshan So MSN '11

Rita MN '72 and Darryl Solberg

Lori and Carl Spidell P

Sheila Finnerty Stinnett MN '94

Barbara Stock MN '73

Barbara '67 and Russell Stone

Janice and John Stovall '70

Sasha Geneene Stovall MSN '14

Jodie Daylene Sugiyama '85

Vidya and Pat Swaminathan P

Lori and Ronald Swenson P

Sarah Tadros MSN '08

Anne MN '84 and Ronald Tanner '76 P

Aaron Tharp

Nanora '93, MSN '99 and Jason Thompson '91

Deirdre MN '93 and Robert Thornlow

Marcy J. Tichacek MN '94

Michelle Carolyn Tolentino '09, MSN '11

Sandra and Lance Towers P

V. Katherine '63, MS '64 and Tracy Townsend

Diem-Linh Phuong Tran '97, MSN '99

Anne Patricia Traynor MN '95

Deborah Tsuyuki '78 and Paul Banta

Martha MN '70 and Gerald Uelmen

Linda Diann Urden MN '81

Mary Ann Vekich '75, MN '77

Maryann Villanueva '08, MSN '10

Sherry Rosenberg Waldorf '73, MN '80

Carol '65 and Gordon Wall

Debby Weber MN '78

Denise Weibel '95

Diane '65 and Thomas Weisenburger MD '69

Jan Weissman '70, MN '80 and Phil Scheff

Krista and Bill West '72

Spring L. Wettgen MSN '03

Katrina Manja Whalen MSN '12

Dorothy PhD '95 and Robert Wiley P

Joyce Annie Williams '72

Ingrid '87 and John Wilson DDS '87

Anni Sau-Mui Wong '87, MN '91

Lucile MS '65 and Hiram Wood

Hennie '67 and George Woods

Helen and Stanley Wu

Judy Hyun Yang MSN '09

Hao Hao Yuan MSN '97

Imelda L. Zapata MSN '99

Laura Teresa Zibecchi '82

Some Anonymous Gifts



Caitlin A. Beck         

Marcia and Jeffrey Hobbs

Victoria R. Benson

Carol and Daniel Benson P

Suzette Cardin, PhD

Philip Cooper Marks MSN '11

Jessie Chew

Kristi Ling Chen MSN '15

Dr. Linda Sarna

Linda Burnes Bolton MN '72, MPH '76, DRPH '88

Suzette Cardin PhD '95 and Edward Barden

Catherine M. Gabster MSN '07

Charles Alan Griffis MS '83, PhD '05

Karen Ann Grimley

Maria S. Holdridge MSN '97

Elizabeth Kemper and Andrew Leuchter

Deborah Koniak-Griffin and Arthur Griffin

Eunice and Jae Lee

Ellen '74, MN '78 and Harold Meier MS '72, ME '81

Susan '77 and Howard Mandel

Carol and Charles Pavlish

Laura Perry

Shelli and Stephen Shepherd

Carla Singer MBA '80

Linda Diann Urden MN '81

Inese Verzemnieks PhD '98

Heidi '84 and David Welch

Cheryl Westlake MN '85, PhD '98 and Robert Canary

Amy Wilson Drizhal and Ludek Drizhal

Maria Yefimova '11, MS '14, PhD '16 and Mark Gottscho '11, MS '14

Claire S. Stengel

Kathleen '76 and James Stengel

Alexandria T. Villanueva and Louise A. Villanueva




Mrs. Beverly B. Diggle

Pamela Diggle and William Friedman

William Murphy

Karen Ann Grimley

Leona Niemiec

Mary MN '87 and Louis Rappoport

Helen Tsouras

Lynn MN '86, PhD '94 and Bruce Doering JD '84

Donna F. Ver Steeg Ph.D.

Charleene '60, MS '64 and Douglass Frazier

Linda B. Bourque

Elizabeth '82 and Harlan Grogin

Ada and George Lindsey

Wendy Davidson MSN '96 and Richard Bryant P

Joan '55, MS '57 and James Baggaley

Lyola Marie Murray '56, MS '58

Frances MN '77 and William Stoeckle

Roberta '54, MN '77 and Donald Gerds

Ruth Wu



The UCLA School of Nursing would also like to thank the many companies that have supported us with matching gifts. If you would like to make a matching gift, or to check if your employer has a matching gifts program, please visit our matching gift page.