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The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is the most competitive degree on campus, with 1,459 applicants competing for just 60 openings.  We wish we had more openings, for we truly believe that the future of healthcare will lie in the hands of nurses.   Our graduate degree programs also continue to flourish.  This fall, we have 14 PhD students — the largest in the school's history.  This year's cohort for our master's programs (Nurse Practitioner and MECN) totals 168 and our graduate programs in all rank in the top 4% of all nursing schools by US News and World Report. 

These students are the nurse leaders of the future.  Whether they are in the classroom or a clinical setting, they are learning how to care for the whole person using their education, technology, training, instincts… and their hearts.

For some of these students, life has not been an easy path. Eighty percent of our students need financial aid of some type.  Their stories are filled with struggles and disappointments, coupled with sheer determination to succeed. For many of them, financial assistance provided through gifts from alumni and friends like you has made the difference between success and failure, between dropping out or achieving their dream to stay in school. They are grateful for every bit of support that helps them reach their goal of earning a degree from the UCLA School of Nursing.  Click here to read about our 2017 Scholarship Appreciation Lunch on April 6th at UCLA Faculty Center.




For the underserved communities of Greater Los Angeles, the UCLA School of Nursing continues to be an invaluable resource.   The children and families we see at our free Health Center have no place else to turn to for healthcare.  Last year had more than more than 8,000 patient visits,  a large majority of whom were children suffering from chronic illnesses caused by an unstable home life, or, in many cases, no home at all.



This Health Center also provides an amazing experience for our students, who get to witness firsthand the resilience of individuals who are overcoming hardships that most of us cannot even imagine.  The experience allows them to learn about the unique challenges of caring for vulnerable and ethnic populations.  Earlier this year we received a grant from The Ahmanson Foundation to add evening hours at our center, but we want to do more. Our goals are to establish electronic medical records to improve the health of the patients we see and better track past health treatments and provide collaborative experiences with nurse practitioners and medical students.



Nursing is the oldest of arts and the youngest of professions. Nursing is rooted in the compassionate care given over the centuries to those who can not care for themselves. The modern profession of nursing is built on expertise and knowledge. As we move into the 21st century, the importance of research in building knowledge and establishing the evidence base for nursing practice continues to grow.

UCLA nurse-scholars, nurse-scientists, and nurse-researchers are highly trained, committed clinicians and superb scholars. These nurse-leaders are prepared to take a place at the tables where administrative and public health policies are debated. They bring to those tables not only a nursing perspective – a voice for caring and compassion – but also clear and compelling data to support their proposals and positions.

The only way to acquire the data and information nurses need to move into the future is through careful, thoughtful, organized and focused research. To support the UCLA SON faculty as they identify the critical questions for nursing practice and address those questions through research, the school underwrites a range of essential support services, including small grants, bridge funds, statistical support, and design consultation. With this support, faculty are launching research that reimagines and redefines nursing.



Financial aid for students.  Support for baseline research.  Serving the underserved. Leading in the world health arena. The money to fund any of these efforts remains our biggest challenge–that is where your support comes in.  When you give to the UCLA School of Nursing, you are helping us not only redefine and reimagine nursing, but change people's lives for the better. There is no greater feeling than that. We urge you to contribute to change the lives of one, two, ten or hundreds of people who will remain forever touched by whatever amount you choose to give.

Thank you for being part of the UCLA School of Nursing family and thank you for your generous contribution.

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