Introducing LANSA

Latin@ Nursing Student-Alumni Association (LANSA)

LANZA (meaning to launch; i.e. careers, action, professionalism, empower)

Mission: Latino nurse’s organization is committed to advancing the health of Latino communities, empower, advocate, and promote education and professional opportunities for Latino nursing students and nurses. All friends and colleagues welcome who promote these goals.

How it fosters growth for our nursing students at UCLA:

  1. Provide support and resources for student success in the SON AND UCLA.
  2. Contribute towards nursing leadership representation at UCLA/SON.
  3. Advance the educational, professional, and leadership among Latino nurses to increase representation for Latino faculty, researchers and administrators. (Advocate for equity, inclusion and health policy development)
  4. Assist in identifying facilitators and barriers to quality education for Latino students and nurses.
  5. Grow the community of Latino Nurses through networking and community service.
  6. Provide service to the SON to promote recruitment and retention of Latinos in nursing. (Assist the SON to promote the nursing field among Latino youth and encourage students to volunteer in outreach and other community health related events).
  7. Serve as consultants in providing cultural sensitivity services to Latino’s (nurse, patients, nursing students, administration, faculty, and others.)
  8. Assist the SON and organize presentations and other events at the SON (Invite speakers, community leaders, faculty and student leaders from UCLA and promote cultural specific events/celebrations; for example Hispanic Heritage Month, NIH Minority Health, etc).

What the leadership will look like (we'll send out a call for officers in the future):

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Campus Outreach Chair
  6. Membership-Elections Chair
  7. Community Outreach Chair
  8. Education
  9. Events/Media Chair

Community Advisory Board:

Invitees (may include faculty and, staff from SON, alumni, UCLA campus, or external community).

Faculty Sponsor/Advisor:


Maria Elena Ruiz, PhD, RN, FNP-BC