Rose Mary Carroll-Johnson, M.N. '82 (deceased)

Rose Mary Carroll-Johnson M.N. '82 became a nurse in 1964. Her career included five years as a Navy nurse, some time as an operating room nurse and a career as an oncology nurse. Following graduation from the master’s program at UCLA as a clinical nurse specialist in oncology she went to work for a nursing publisher in Pacific Palisades and continued that involvement throughout her life. A pioneer in the specialty of oncology nursing, Carroll-Johnson was the editor of Oncology Nursing Forum, one of the leading oncology nursing journals in the world, for nearly 20 years. She also served as editor for two other nursing journals, the International Journal of Nursing Terminologies and Classifications and the Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing. In addition she was a coeditor of Psychosocial Nursing Care and Cancer Continuum along with her cherished colleagues Nancy Jo Bush M.N.’82 and Linda Gorman M.N. ’77.