Zoe Taylor

Award Year: 2021

When I think of Zoe Taylor, I think of a true golden bruin, not just for her 20 plus years of service, but for her 20 plus years of dedication to the UCLA, School of Nursing. Zoe and I started with the School of Nursing around the same time (more than 2 decades ago). Although I did not work directly with her in my role, I came to know her through many School related events. She impressed me as a kind and compassionate person with exceptional interpersonal skills to work with a diverse body of faculty, staff and students. What I find so remarkable about her is that she treats everyone with the same respect and professionalism. The reason for the interaction doesn’t matter whether the person is the highest-level faculty, or a staff person like myself, she would always do her best to help. When I became involved in international events, our interactions became more frequent for access to classrooms, and space for visiting scholars. Our international nursing scholars also commented to me that Zoe was especially welcoming and helpful during their visits to the School of Nursing. One particular example of Zoe's exemplary performance that stands out in my mind, is when the classroom I booked in CHS was double booked by DGIT. All large classrooms in the SON were also booked for classes that day. I had 30 Korean nurses with me expecting to receive a lecture from a SON faculty and no place to sit! I’ll never forget when I approached Zoe with my dilemma and worried look on my face, how she took immediate action. She rushed down to the only open classroom and began moving chairs from another space so we could squeeze the nurses into that tiny space. I’ll tell you Zoe Taylor was my hero that day! This is just one of the many reasons why Zoe Taylor is truly deserving of this special award and recognition! Therefore, it is with the greatest respect and admiration that I submit this nomination for Zoe to receive the Golden Bruin Award.