Willie Dawson

Award Year: 2020

Willie Dawson is the Finance Manager in the School’s Business Office. HIs career began in September 2008 in the Administrative Support Office. In 2010 he accepted a position in the Business Office and has worked in this capacity for nearly a decade. He works closely with our finance manager to assure that the school’s budget is balanced and accurate. This involves frequent interaction with the Dean and with the campus.  Additionally, he has managed all of the finances for the School of Nursing Health Center at Union Rescue Mission. He was recognized by our funding agency Northeast Valley for his outstanding work. This year, Willie showed exemplary performance with the transition of the Health Center to Los Angeles County Department of Health Services. This required him to go above and beyond his responsibilities as Finance Manager. The demand on Willie’s time was significant. He knew the transition would reflect on the school therefore he worked very hard to make sure everything was done right and on time. Willie rose to the occasion. He is well deserving of this prestigious award this year.