Michelle Aranda

Award Year: 2020

Michelle Aranda is the Senior Contacts & Grants Analyst for the UCLA School of Nursing and has served at UCLA in various roles for 10 years, and in her current role with the School of Nursing for 5 years.  Her areas of expertise include contracts and grants management, program management, financial management, data collection and management, and biostatistics and epidemiology. While her primary responsibilities lie with the faculty, and the execution of their projects, she frequently engages with other external and internal stakeholders. She demonstrates great dedication and passion for supporting our nursing students, alumni, patients, the UCLA community and overall Nursing community. Michelle led and maintained the grants and contracts functions within the school for over two years when the School had no Associate Dean for Research (ADR). She supported the other fund managers and faculty with grant submissions. As a result of Michelle’s leadership and communication skills, she was promoted in November. Since that time, Michelle’s responsibilities have increased to include support to the ADR and Faculty Research and Professional Scholarship Committee (FRPSC). Through all of these transitions, she remains cheerful, professional, and exhibits advanced interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence, and is highly deserving of this prestigious award this year.