Craig Kusunoki

Award Year: 2019

There isn’t a student or faculty member in the School, or alumnus who has passed through our doors over the past 12 years, who does not appreciate Craig Kusunoki’s dedication to ensuring our students receive the financial support they need and deserve. Kusunoki has been employed at UCLA for over 31 years, and at the School for over 12. As director of financial aid, his efforts to find and distribute funds to support students’ educational goals and endeavors make a profound contribution to the School’s mission. In the words of his nominator, Kusunoki’s “outstanding qualities are being fair, consistent, and equitable” and he has earned “students’ deep gratitude for his quiet, yet very effective approach to securing important financial support.” Recently, Kusunoki generously established an annual scholarship in memory of his late mother Alice Kusunoki, a nurse. His scholarship will support two high-achieving students. Kusunoki is a cancer survivor, and lost both of his parents in recent years, and says he feels that he owes a lot to the School, which was a vital source of moral support during these tough moments.