Carl Tyler

Award Year: 2019

Carl Tyler is the administrative support supervisor at the UCLA School of Nursing. He has been employed at the School for over 20 years. Tyler embodies true excellence in his personal interactions and provides enthusiastic and competent support to all faculty, as well as to fellow staff members. Tyler approaches his work with passion, his interactions with staff and faculty with caring and compassion, and he does all that with excellence. Tyler’s optimistic attitude is contagious—he greets every single person with a warm smile and a kind word. He goes the extra mile for the School and, through his work with the Faculty Recruitment Committee, has been the unofficial ambassador of the School for new and potential faculty. He makes visiting scholars feel welcome, and attends to their needs flawlessly and promptly. In the words of his nominator: “I leave each interaction I have with Tyler feeling better about the day, about myself, and about being a member of the UCLA School of Nursing community. Tyler is one of those silent angels who forgoes his own work to help others in their times of need.