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…because of our alumni, over $10 million dollars has been raised over the past 10 years to support almost 85% of our doctoral and master's-degree students, with scholarships ranging from $1,000-$20,000.

UCLA School of Nursing Alumni are proud of the legacy and are recognized as being among the leaders and best in the nursing profession. Many play vital roles in providing excellent patient care, shedding light on matters of health and disease, and shaping public policy here in California and around the world.

As a proud alumnus of the UCLA School of Nursing, your participation makes a strong statement about how highly you value your education and nursing degree. INVEST IN THE NEXT GENERATION OF OUR NURSING STUDENTS by supporting the School of Nursing Innovation Fund TODAY!

To learn more about ways to support the UCLA School of Nursing, please call Jonathan Adrias at (310) 794-2358 or send us an email: