Things You Should Know


The UCLA Campus is located in the green rolling hills of Westwood.  The 419-acre campus is bounded on the north by Sunset Boulevard, on the south by Westwood Village, which includes shopping, restaurants, theaters and the Armand Hammer Cultural History Museum. The UCLA campus is just 5 miles from the beach. The School of Nursing in the Louis and Doris Factor Building is part of the Center for Health Sciences complex located on the corner of Charles E. Young Drive South and Tiverton Avenue at the south end of campus.

Get directions to campus or an interactive map.  You can search for The Louis and Doris Factor Building on this map.

Cost of Attending the Program/ Other Expenses

All UCLA students pay fees as part of the registration and enrollment process.  In addition to these fees, California nonresident students are charged tuition. Click here for the current fee schedule. Students also will be required to pay for background checks and internet-based assessment tests and uniforms (see items below).  Other expenses include housing, books, equipment for clinical, health clearance examination, immunizations and titers, health insurance and transportation.

Background Checks

Once admitted to the nursing program, each student is expected to produce evidence of a clear criminal background check, which cost around $70. Background check procedures are discussed at new student orientation, and entering students will be directed at that time to the website of our background check provider.  Applicants should note well that a criminal record can preclude their eligibility to work as nurses in the State of California.

Assessment Tests

At the end of each quarter, students take an internet-based assessment test to measure their proficiency in certain nursing skills. These tests serve as predictors of future success on the NCLEX. The cost of the assessment tests are covered by students and are paid in quarterly sums, usually around $75, over the course of the program.


MECN students will be required to purchase uniforms and a lab coat. The uniforms are custom-made for the School of Nursing and run about $40 a set. The lab coat is approximately $28.


The School of Nursing is allocated a limited number of apartments in Weyburn Terrace. Usually priority for these spaces is given to out-of-state students. Limited space is available also in other university-owned apartments. Students interested in graduate housing should submit the housing request form that arrives with their admission packet as well the online request form to the UCLA Housing Office. For more details about university-owned housing, see the UCLA Housing Office website.


MECN students should budget around $1,287 a year for books.


MECN students need to purchase a labpack at the beginning of the program.  The cost is roughly $275.  The labpack includes a stethoscope and other essentials for nursing practice. 

Health Screening for Clinicals

All students entering the nursing school must show documentation of immunizations, blood titers, a negative two-step TB skin test, and a physical examination, as well as current certification of CPR training for healthcare providers. Documentation is due at the beginning of November of the first quarter. Click here for the current fee schedule for services offered through the Arthur Ashe Student Health Center.

Student Health Insurance

All students are required to carry health insurance for the duration of their programs. UCLA Arthur Ashe Health Center offers affordable health coverage to graduate students. This graduate student health insurance plan (GSHIP) includes dental coverage. Students pay for GSHIP each quarter through student fees, unless they choose to waive it. For information about GSHIP visit their website.


It is important that students have access to adequate transportation, particularly for traveling to clinical sites. Depending on where they live, some students may find it convenient to take one of the local bus routes to campus. Students wishing to purchase permits to park on campus should plan to apply early, usually before the end of July prior to the start of classes. For bus routes to campus and information about parking permits, see the UCLA Transportation website.

Clinical Rotations

Clinical rotations for MECN students begin in the first spring quarter. Students are assigned to do their clinical experiences with one of our clinical partners each quarter. In addition, students will be required to participate in tours to various county facilities during their course in public health. It is important that students have access to adequate transportation. Days and times of clinical rotations are determined by our clinical partners, and these days and times may include Saturdays and evenings.

School of Nursing Identification Badges

All entering MECN students will be asked to submit an application for a School of Nursing identification and security badge. These badges will serve as hospital identification and take the place of the Bruincard, the UCLA student identification/library/campus debit card.

Comprehensive Examination

A comprehensive examination is required for all students completing a master's degree and is given in written form during the final Spring Quarter. Students are eligible to take the examination once they are advanced to candidacy and may repeat it twice. Retakes are offered only during Summer and Fall Quarters. Students must complete all requirements for the master's degree within one calendar year after advancement to candidacy.

California Residency

California residents do not pay nonresident tuition. Upon arrival in California, a student wishing to gain California tuition residency should establish ties with the state (i.e., get a driver's license/California ID, register automobile, register to vote, change the permanent address on University records to a California address, and file a resident tax return). Contact the Residence Deputy at 1113 Murphy Hall, (310) 825-3447, for more residency information; by University policy, only the Residence Deputy is authorized to apply and interpret policy on tuition residency. Please note that state and federal clinical sites will require non-citizens to show documentation of their visa for participation at that site.  It is suggested that non-citizens check the California BRN website for regulations regarding eligibility to take the NCLEX.