Master’s Comprehensive Exam

Pursuant to requirements of the UCLA graduate division for graduation, the written Master's Comprehensive Examination is administered in the second year of study. Each student completes the Comprehensive Examination out of class and independently. The Comprehensive Examination may be attempted three times. The two retakes will be scheduled during the summer and fall quarters. Unless approved by the Curriculum Committee in advance, late examinations are not accepted for grading, will count as an attempt at passing, and will be given a failing grade. Students who fail to achieve a passing score on their first attempt are eligible to participate in graduation ceremonies. However, the degree will be awarded in the quarter during which the Comprehensive Examination is passed.

Successful completion of the Master's Comprehensive Examination is a requirement for "completion of required nursing curriculum." Students will not be certified to any Board of Registered Nursing as having completed nursing course requirements until they have successfully completed the Master's Comprehensive Examination.

Written instructions are distributed in October of first year. The Comprehensive Exam is due during first week of Spring quarter of second year. 

Please refer to the Student Information Packets for exact dates and deadlines.