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PhD applications for Fall 2021 is now available and can be found at The application deadline is December 1, 2020.

Application Procedure

Each doctoral application file is evaluated individually by two faculty. Preference is given to applicants who demonstrate the capacity for original scholarship and nursing research as evidenced by submitted papers or publications, consistent research objectives and career goals, and research objectives congruent with those of the faculty in the School of Nursing. Scholarly verbal and written communication skills are essential for success in the doctoral program. Those selected for the second round will be called for an interview. ZOOM will be used for all PhD applicants who are offered interviews.

Items that you must submit as part of your online application:

    The goal of the PhD program is to prepare researchers who will contribute to knowledge that will enhance clinical practice. Graduates will assume leadership positions in academia and clinical research roles. The purpose of this statement is for you to provide information about yourself as well as to demonstrate your ability to express ideas clearly and logically in a grammatically correct format. Each response should be 250-300 words, citations are not necessary. Please upload a typed, well-organized essay into the online Graduate Division application describing:
    • Reasons for graduate study: Describe your reasons for wanting to enter the PhD program in Nursing, any information about your background, training, and experience, which you believe is relevant to your qualifications for doctoral study.
    • Please provide a balanced assessment of your personal characteristics including strengths, weaknesses, and areas you are working to improve. Describe how these characteristics influence your individual and group interactions, with particular emphasis on your interpersonal style, leadership, and membership qualities, and those characteristics that influence the way others view you.
    • Briefly describe a problem in nursing science on which you would like to focus your research.
    • Why did you select the PhD program at UCLA? What contribution do you expect to make to the nursing profession after earning the degree?
    • How do you expect doctoral study at UCLA to facilitate your career goals? Specify outcomes you wish from doctoral study in relation to your identified area of clinical study and research.
    • You are strongly encouraged to discuss your research interests related to doctoral study with UCLA School of Nursing faculty before you apply. This will help identify a potential advisor for you. Please identify who you spoke with or met with and describe the nature of the contact.  For example, conversations at professional meetings, conversations over the telephone, a face-to-face meeting, or meetings to prepare a research or fellowship application for funding purposes.
    Please upload your resume to the online application.
    3 are required. You do not need to send your recommenders the form. Once you fill out their contact information in the online application, they will automatically be sent a link to complete the form.
    This statement should not duplicate the Statement of Purpose. Describe how your background, accomplishments, and life experiences led to your decision to pursue the graduate degree for which you are applying. Include any educational, personal, cultural, economic, or social experiences, challenges or opportunities relevant to your academic journey. Describe any aspects of your personal background, accomplishments, or achievements that will allow the department to evaluate your contributions. Contributions to diversity, such as efforts to advance equitable access to education, public service that addresses the need of a diverse population.
    Please send 1 official transcript from the school at which you completed your Bachelor's and/or Master's degree(s). We also require 1 official transcript from other schools at which you completed prerequisite classes. 


Please send official transcripts  and any other supporting documentation to:

Student Affairs Office
2-150 Factor Building
Box 951702
Los Angeles, Ca. 90095-1702


Processing of Applications:

Mark Covin:

Jeimy Gama: