Graduate Students

Graduate Students in Nursing Association 

The Graduate Students in Nursing Association (GSNA) is the official organization of the graduate students in nursing. The primary purpose of the organization is to further enhance graduate education by offering the graduate student opportunities for leadership experience, furnishing an avenue for student and student/faculty interaction, providing a forum for addressing issues pertinent to the nursing profession, and fostering student participation in the greater University community. 

All graduate students enrolled in the School of Nursing are members of GSNA by virtue of their graduate student standing and are urged to become active participants.

Undergraduate Students

Nursing Students at UCLA (NS@UCLA)

All undergraduate nursing students at UCLA are invited to become members of Nursing Students at UCLA (NS@UCLA), which strives to facilitate interaction among students and between students and the School of Nursing faculty and staff. NS@UCLA also seeks to further the quality of education in the School of Nursing through representation on all major faculty committees.




Alpha Tau Delta


Alpha Tau Delta is a professional fraternity for nurses that was founded in 1921 at the University of California, Berkeley. College chapters are established only in schools of nursing fully accredited by the National League for Nursing. Alpha Tau Delta is also a charter member of the Professional Fraternity Association. 

The purposes of Alpha Tau Delta are to further higher professional educational standards for those in the nursing profession, develop character and leadership, organize the social life of its members as a contributing factor to their educational program, and form a close bond of friendship, fellowship, mutual helpfulness, and understanding among those in the nursing profession. 

Men and women are eligible for membership in the UCLA Gamma Chapter. Students must be recognized for their high professional, moral, and scholastic standards to be eligible for membership.

Being an active member of Alpha Tau Delta entails eligibility for applying for scholarships as well as recognition through certificates and graduation cords. More information can be found at our website (

Our contact information, official website, and Facebook:

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Facebook Group | ATD Gamma Chapter

Facebook Page – Like Us! Alpha Tau Delta – Gamma Chapter


Global Action in Nursing (GAIN)


GAIN is an open forum for the UCLA School of Nursing community to enhance knowledge and participation in global health. We welcome all undergraduate and graduate students and faculty who are interested in nursing abroad. GAIN strives to create a space for globally minded nurses and students to learn about, discuss, and act to address healthcare inequities across borders. We seek opportunities to enrich the UCLA School of Nursing with international nursing experiences.

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The Foundation For International Medical Relief for Children (FIMRC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing improved healthcare to developing communities across the world. Previous and ongoing events include visiting the Los Angelitos Orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico and the Belen Kindergarten Project which involves creating clean, sustainable drinking water for children in Belen, Peru. Additionally, club members also have the opportunity to plan and create their own international trips to the various FIMRC clinical sites in countries such as Peru, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, India, Uganda, and many more!

For additional information on how to get involved, please contact FIMRC President, Derek Bau at

Please visit our official Facebook page to stay up to date with events and club meetings:


Latin @ Nursing Student-Alumni Association (LANSA)


LANZA (meaning to launch; i.e. careers, action, professionalism, empower)


Mission: Latino nurse’s organization is committed to advancing the health of Latino communities, empower, advocate, and promote education and professional opportunities for Latino nursing students and nurses. All friends and colleagues welcome who promote these goals.


How it fosters growth for our nursing students at UCLA:


Provide support and resources for student success in the SON AND UCLA.

Contribute towards nursing leadership representation at UCLA/SON.

Advance the educational, professional, and leadership among Latino nurses to increase representation for Latino faculty, researchers and administrators.

Advocate for equity, inclusion and health policy development

Assist in identifying facilitators and barriers to quality education for Latino students and nurses.

Grow the community of Latino Nurses through networking and community service.

Provide service to the SON to promote recruitment and retention of Latinos in nursing.

Assist the SON to promote the nursing field among Latino youth.

Encourage students to volunteer in outreach and other community health related events

Serve as consultants in providing cultural sensitivity services to Latino’s (nurse, patients, nursing students, administration, faculty, and others.)

Assist the SON and organize presentations and other events at the SON

invite speakers, community leaders, faculty and student leaders from UCLA

Promote cultural specific events/celebrations; for example Hispanic Heritage Month, NIH Minority Health, etc.





Officer (Program/Cohort)


Valeria Amezola


Assistant President

Mary Lou Villanueva


Vice President


Co Vice-President

Fatima Urquilla Soto


Fernanda Monteon





Laura Peña


Raquel Tugade





Marisol Palacios


Gisela Guzman


Outreach Chair


Elizabeth Arreola


Membership-elections Chair


Gerardo Flores


Events/Social Media Chair

Iliana Dominguez




Faculty Sponsor/Advisor:

M.E. Ruiz, PhD, RN, FNP-BC


The Pan African Nursing Student Association (PANSAA)  

The Pan African Nursing Student and Alumni Association (PANSAA) provides a forum that addresses the academic and social concerns of Black Students enrolled in the UCLA School of Nursing.  Student members of PANSAA benefit from the mentorship, networking and guidance of alumni of the UCLA School of Nursing. The PANSAA also assists in recruiting and retaining students of color in the School of Nursing.


Rhonda Flenoy Younger


Phone: 310-825-9193


Pediatric Interest Club at UCLA (PICU)

PICU promotes and advocates for the health of the pediatric population through community outreach and education for students interested in pediatric nursing in order to better the lives of children and their families. Previous PICU volunteer events include leading arts and craft activities in the playroom at UCLA Santa Monica, playing outdoor games with children from the Maryvale Emergency Shelter, collaborating with March of Dimes to advocate for infant health in Sacramento, and taking vital signs at Dream Street, a camp for children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses.

For my information on PICU and how you can get involved, email PICU President Ashley Louie at

You can also join our Facebook Group:


Sigma Theta Tau International

Sigma Theta Tau is the only international honor society for nurses. It recognizes individuals for leadership qualities, superior achievement, high professional standards, creative work, and commitment to the ideals and purposes of the profession. UCLA's Gamma Tau Chapter was established in spring 1978. For more information visit the Gamma Tau Chapter website. 

Wellness in Nursing


We are Wellness in Nursing (WIN), where we are striving to be balanced Bruins. WIN creates an environment where nursing students are encouraged to prioritize their physical and mental wellness through healthy activities. Activities range from weekly challenges with raffles, to 5Ks, to practicing mindfulness. With some support, our goal is for students to be happy and healthy future nurses. Staff and faculty are welcome to participate as well!  For more information, check out our Facebook page (WIN-Wellness in Nursing) or email us at