Mission, Vision, and Strategic Plan

The UCLA School of Nursing – Nursing Reimagined.  Nursing Redefined.


The UCLA School of Nursing is a significant force in developing nurse leaders to inspire individuals across the lifespan to achieve health, wellness and quality of life.


The UCLA School of Nursing prepares nurses and scholars to lead and transform nursing care in a rapidly changing, diverse and complex healthcare environment through academic excellence, innovative research, superior clinical practice, strong community partnerships, and global initiatives. 

Academics: The UCLA School of Nursing is ranked as one of the top nursing schools in the country by US News and World Reports.  Through our innovative curriculum, students learn relevant theory, acquire practice skills and are socialized into the profession of nursing.  The School of Nursing provides rich opportunities for students to pursue collaborative and interdisciplinary education and independent study projects.  Individual academic counseling a variety of one-on-one small group and interactive learning formats assist students to meet program and individual learning goals and to apply knowledge, skills and professional attitudes in their practice.  As the most competitive degree program on the UCLA campus, we attract the best and brightest students who will become leaders in transforming the profession of nursing.


  • Become the global leader of innovative education
  • Lead transdisciplinary education
  • Lead education of international students in nursing
  • Spearhead the development of transformative nursing leaders
  • Develop self-sustaining, cutting edge programs

Research:  From the laboratory bench to the patient’s bedside, from pediatrics to geriatrics, from prevention to cause, ground-breaking advances are being driven by nursing research.  At the School of Nursing, research is at the core of our mission – not only as a primary component of a comprehensive education, but as a critical investment in the future of nursing.    The School has a rich history of blazing the trail for nursing research and is continually pushing the boundaries to improve health.  Our findings are about advancing health and they can be used by other disciplines.


  • Lead cutting edge science
  • Lead International Research
  • Lead innovative transdisciplinary research that transforms health and health systems
  • Develop future leaders in nursing research

Practice/Service:  From a health center in the Skid Row area of Los Angeles, to communities throughout China to small rural villages in India, Uganda, the School of Nursing is engaging with local partners to improve the health of entire populations.  We are delivering quality care, conducting collaborative community-based research and educating the healthcare workforce.   


  • Lead the translation of knowledge into practice
  • Spearhead development of a nationally recognized, financially self-sufficient community-based Health Center that serves disparate populations and is used as a training site for SON students
  • Deliver transformative best practices content to healthcare providers worldwide
  • Lead efforts to strengthen nursing practice globally