MarySue V. Heilemann, PhD, RN, FAAN

Associate Professor
Location: 5-252 Factor Bldg
Phone: (310) 206-4735


MarySue V. Heilemann, PhD, RN, FAAN is an associate professor at the UCLA School of Nursing and an Associate Director of the UCLA National Clinician Scholars Program. She is an expert in Grounded Theory methodology informed by Constructivism and Pragmatism; she has mentored and collaborated with graduate students, post doctoral scholars, and young faculty in qualitative research at UCLA and internationally.  Dr. Heilemann has pioneered the use of transmedia in health interventions related to mental health. Transmedia involves the use of storytelling over multiple digital platforms accessible on smart phones, tablets, or computers via the Internet. Dr. Heilemann’s current work involves transmedia interventions to enhance symptom management among Latina adults in the U.S. who are struggling with depression and/or anxiety. Her scholarly work has also focused on improving the accuracy of portrayals of nurses in film and television. She was chosen to give the June 2015 National Institute of Nursing Research Director’s Lecture entitled, “From the Silver Screen to the Web: Media Portrayals of Nursing,” and frequently speaks or consults on the topic. Dr. Heilemann initiated and moderated national symposiums in both 2011 and 2012 at UCLA focused on Media Representations of Nurses; this brought together over 300 filmmakers, nurses, administrators, producers, journalists, screen writers, directors, activists, faculty, and students. She was the Guest Editor for a special volume of the official journal of the American Academy of Nursing (Nursing Outlook) that featured original scholarship created for the 2011 Symposium.


Faculty Research and Clinical Expertise

Fueled by qualitative input from participants, and in collaboration with community partners, Dr. Heilemann integrates issues of motivation, resilience, intergenerational cultural expectations, social justice, and gender issues in her work. Based on her three-fold area of expertise (media-based interventions, methodologically-driven qualitative research, and mental health), Dr. Heilemann is actively refining a new model for nursing science that features transmedia portrayals of nurses as part of powerful and promising interventions with patients, the public, and nursing professionals. Her focus has been on symptom management, motivation to seek help and engage in mental health care, and the enhancement of resilience among Latinas in the U.S.



University of Wisconsin, Madison, BS, 1982, Nursing

University of California, San Francisco, MS, 1991, Nursing

University of California, San Francisco, PhD, 1996, Nursing

University of California, San Francisco Post Doc, 1998, Nursing


Selected Publications

Heilemann, M.V., Soderlund P.D., Kehoe, P., Brecht, M.L. (2017). A transmedia storytelling intervention with interactive elements to benefit Latinas’ mental health: Feasibility, acceptability, and efficacy. Journal of Medical Internet Research - Mental Health, 4(4):e47. doi: 10.2196/mental.8571. Accessible at:

McGregor, C. & Heilemann, M.V. (2017). Deserving Veterans Disability Compensation: A Qualitative Study of Veterans’ Perceptions.  Health and Social Work. Mar 25:1-8. doi: 10.1093/hsw/hlx017. [Epub ahead of print]. PMID: 28371871.

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Book Chapter:

Heilemann, M. V. & Albarran, C. (2017). The Grounded Theory Method (book chapter name in Italian: Il metodo della Grounded Theory). In L. Mortati and L. Zannini (Eds.), Metodologia della ricerca qualitativa in ambito sanitario. Rome: Carocci Editore.