Eufemia Jacob, PhD, RN

Associate Professor
Location: 5-942 Factor Bldg
Phone: (310) 267-1823


“Most healthy children can ignore symptoms, as they typically go away in a few days. But children with chronic illness often end up in the ER with symptoms that could have been prevented if they had been caught early. I believe wireless technology is an effective tool to help children identify when they need medical help.” Dr. Eufemia Jacob is an associate professor with the UCLA School of Nursing. Her research focuses on helping children with persistent chronic pain to learn self-management behaviors. Dr. Jacob developed the Wireless Intervention Program (WIP), which utilizes handheld electronic devices to self-monitor pain and symptoms at home in children with chronic illness (cancer, sickle cell disease, persistent chronic pain). WIP technology enables health care providers to remotely monitor patient pain and symptoms, to facilitate better communication with the pediatric patients. WIP is being evaluated to determine whether it reduces the frequency and severity of daily pain and symptoms, minimizes hospitalizations, and improves the quality of life in these chil-dren. Dr. Jacob also investigates abnormal sensory processing in children with persistent chronic pain. Her research aims to lead to testing of individualized intervention strategies based on abnormal sensory processing profiles. Dr. Jacob’s work has the potential to substantially aid clinicians in providing optimal and medically justifiable pain treatments. Areas of Scholarly Expertise and Interest Persistent chronic pain in children, Wireless Intervention Program, WIP, sensory processing


Jacob E, Stinson J, Duran J, Gupta A, Gerla M, Ann Lewis M, Zeltzer L. (2012). Usability Testing of a Smartphone for Accessing a Web-based e-Diary for Self-monitoring of Pain and Symptoms in Sickle Cell Disease. Journal of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, 34, 326-35.