Kids and Teens Health Clinic — An Outstanding Preceptor

Dr. De Silva examines a patient while NP Student Elaine Law looks on.[/caption]


When you walk into the Kids and Teens Health Clinic in La Canada, the first thing you notice is the bright and cheery office space.  The walls are decorated with positive messages and each patient room is painted with fun artwork – all geared to ensuring a child’s visit to the clinic will be as pleasant (and maybe even fun!) as possible.

It is at this specialized clinic that the UCLA School of Nursing Pediatric Nurse Practitioner students have come to learn.  Under the tutelage of Dr. Janesri De Silva, founder of the Kids and Teens Medical Group, and other physicians one of the 10 clinics, including Dr. Priya Harder (La Canada and Pasadena), Dr. Victoria Millet (Northridge) and Dr. Barbara Rodriguez (Pasadena) the students transition classroom knowledge into the necessary skills to prepare them for practice. 

Dr. Harder reviews pediatric health information with student Lindsay Thatcher.[/caption]

The physicians have an important role as preceptors, and these physicians have earned UCLA recognition as an Assistant Clinical Professor- Volunteers (ACP-V).  In this role, the ACP-V provides over 40 hours of service per year mentoring students.  Many also give class lectures.  They are stellar role models and committed teachers. 

“We are very appreciative of the additional time and effort these ACP-V’s provide,” said Jo-Ann Eastwood, program director for advanced practice at the school. “Preceptors are integral to the student’s education and training.  Having the physicians of a medical group like Kids and Teens Health generously commit their time, wisdom and knowledge regarding children’s health will produce nurse practitioners who will be ready to provide great care to kids.”

The physicians of Kids and Teens also see great value in this relationship.

“I love having these nurse practitioner students join us at our clinics,” said Dr. De Silva. “They have already worked as RNs, so they come with great healthcare experience and are like an extra set of hands.”

Law created this fun education board to help parents understand more about asthma[/caption]

“The last year with Dr. De Silva has been invaluable in terms of learning and gaining primary care experience,” said Elaine Law, RN and pediatric nurse practitioner student. “I have been able to gain hands on knowledge and Dr. De Silva has facilitated learning in a very friendly environment. One of the most helpful things I have learned is how to building provider-patient relationships from watching Dr. De Silva's interactions with parents and patients."

Kids and Teens Medical Group provides comprehensive pediatric and adolescent care at 10 locations throughout Los Angeles. They have been recognized as a Patient-Centered Medical Home by the NCQA.  We are grateful to Kids and Teens for their commitment to nursing.