Helen "Holly" Kiger, RN, MSN, CNS


Phone: 310-825-9038

Professional Activities 

Current Research Support: 

Robert Wood Johnson                                                                                       1/15/15-1/14/17 

“Creating a Culture of Health for Perinatal Women with Mental Illness: A Community Engaged Policy and Research Initiative” 

This explanatory sequential mixed-methods project seeks to identify culturally appropriate, feasible approaches to creating a culture of health for women with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, using survey and interview data to evaluate participants’ awareness, knowledge, attitude and empowerment regarding mental illness in the perinatal context. It includes the creation of a Family Wellness Consortium, with a Community Advisory Board, focus groups of low-income women living in the community and individual interviews with hospital and community leaders and policy-makers. 

Role on Project:  Project Coordinator 


PCORI                                                                                                                  7/1/13-6/30/15 

"Peer Health Navigation: Reducing Disparities in Health Outcomes for the Seriously Mentally Ill" 

This research project is a randomized controlled trial comparing 2 groups: a) a treatment as usual waitlist (n =73), and b) the Bridge peer navigator intervention (n=73). These groups will be compared across 3 time points (baseline, 6 months, 1 year) to examine the Bridge's effectiveness at improving health care service use, satisfaction with care, health knowledge, health status, health related self-efficacy, and quality of life. Outcomes will be measured through patient self-report and according to objective measures of health (medical records and insurance claims data). 

Role on Project:  Research Assistant   

Friends of Semel Grant                                                                           10/1/13-10/1/16  

The pilot study consists of two phases and is designed to test the feasibility of a peer health navigation intervention that utilizes an electronic personal health record and compare it to treatment as usual. For Phase One, up to 25 mental health providers, medical providers, and consumers were asked to discuss their opinions about electronic personal health records (PHR). This information was then used to facilitate the second phase. In Phase Two, 30 consumers were enrolled in either a peer health navigator intervention (the Bridge) or treatment as usual (waitlisted for the intervention). The Bridge is a peer-staffed comprehensive healthcare engagement and self-management model, situated in an outpatient mental health clinic, where clients are taught the skills to access and manage their healthcare for any condition. The goal is train clients to successfully engage and navigate the primary health care system as well as other needed health care services (specialty care, lab, and pharmacy).  

Role on Project:  Research Assistant 




2015                  2-Day Simulation Essentials Training at UCLA School of Nursing 

2005-2007Fellow in the CHCF Health Care Leadership Program at the University of San Francisco.  

1984-l987Masters in Nursing at UCLA School of Nursing with specialty in Community Mental Health. 

1981-82Nine month Holistic Health Consultant Program through UCLA Extension. Program  

  1. BS in Nursing at Goshen College, Goshen, IN 


Honors and Awards 

2007Community Service award from Celebrate Life Cancer Ministries. 

  1. Finalist for 2007 California NurseWeek Community Service Award. 

2005    Nominated for H.O.P.E. award from the American Journal of Health Promotion. 

2004 California’s American Cancer Society Harold P. Freeman Outreach Award.  

2002 Mission Delivery Award from the Los Angeles division of the American Cancer Society. 

1987Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing  



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Kelly, E., Kiger, H., Gaba, R., Pancake, L., Murch, L., Pilon, D., Knox, L., & Brekke, J. (under review). Many Roads, One Destination: Mental Health Provider Approaches to Integrated Care for Individuals with Serious Mental Illnesses: Results from a Practice-based Research Network study 

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Kiger, H, Guest Editor for Spring 2007 Edition of Geriatric Care Management Journal “Sexuality and Aging”.   

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