The Kitasato Collaboration


For nearly three decades, the UCLA School of Nursing and the Kitasato University School of Nursing in Japan have had an academic collaboration including a student/faculty exchange program.  Dean Ada Lindsay, who launched the program in 1986, believed that international exchange programs were valuable because each institution gains a greater appreciation of the cultural diversity that exists between them and a better understanding of the world. 

Every other year, students from Kitasato visit UCLA for two weeks, where they are provided with an overview of nursing in the United States and attend intensive lectures on key healthcare topics by faculty from the School of Nursing and nurses from UCLA Health.  Lectures given by experts included subjects such as addiction health, forensic nursing, health disparities, hospice care, ethics and HIV/AIDS.  The 17 undergraduate students, led by Professors Yae Yoshino and Yosumi Matsubara, also visited Homeboy Industries and the Downtown Women’s Center.


A farewell reception celebrating our successful 28-year partnership capped the two-week visit. Speakers included:

Linda Sarna, dean, UCLA School of Nursing

Professor Jan Mentes, director International Programs and Scholarship, UCLA School of Nursing

Professor Cindy Fan, vice provost of the UCLA International Studios and Global Engagement,

Professor Yae Yoshino, Kitasato. University School of Nursing

Attendees were honored to be joined by Mr. Akira Chiba, Consul General of Japan in Los Angeles, who spoke about the important role of nurses and expressed his appreciation to the administration and faculty of both schools for their support of this exchange program. Counsel General Chiba shared that his great-grandfather, Dr. Shibasaburo Kitasato, the namesake for the University.