Culver City Youth Center Renamed for Alumnus

On April 22, the Culver City Youth Health Center was renamed in honor of long-time school nurse and UCLA Nursing School alumnus Sandy Segal.

Segal graduated from the UCLA School of Nursing in 1960 and began her career as a school nurse in 1974. Originally from Chicago, Segal and her family moved to several cities before arriving in Southern California in the 50's. Both her father and her brother were doctors and it was her dad's desire for her to become one too. Segal instead decided to become a nurse.

When she first stepped into the UCLA campus, she said she fell in love with how beautiful it was. She was not as impressed with other schools as she was with UCLA so she decided to pursue her nursing degree here. The nursing class of 1960 holds regular class reunions and they stay involved in each other lives and it was one of her classmates who first informed us of this honor. 

Segal assisted in the creation of the clinic and worked with the Culver City School District for over 40 years. When Segal arrived at the Culver City School District she immediately recognized the need not just for health services and education, but also for mental health and counseling services for the students. Through the years she found a way to meet any need for the students, parents and the community. When she first started Segal was the nurse responsible for students in 5 district schools. The clinic continues to serve those schools in the area but with a larger staff and with the help of the Venice Family Clinic and the L.A. Child Development Center.

The Sandy Segal Youth Health Center was named in her honor "In recognition of her dedication to the well-being of our children, her group breaking contributions to health education in Culver schools and the fact that she spearheaded the creation of the Health Center…"

Segal retired in 2005 but continues to be involved with annual school health screenings and volunteering with a nationwide suicide prevention hotline. As much as she is proud of what been achieved she is very humbled by this honor.