Professor Recognized for Advancing the Profession

Adey Nyamathi, professor at the UCLA School of Nursing, was selected as the winner in the California category of "Advancing and Leading the Profession" for the GEM Awards. This award acknowledges an R.N. who is well-known and respected as a visionary, innovative leader and change agent, who moves the profession forward through work in patient care, administration, education or research.  

Nyamathi was cited for being the first in the school to obtain a distinguished professor title and for her collaborative research initiatives. She has been a principal investigator of numerous grants funded by the National Institutes of Health and has published more than 155 articles in 100 journals.

From her nomination:

Nyamathi inspires students, nurses and colleagues domestically and internationally. She is the first in UCLA's School of Nursing's history to obtain a Distinguished Professor title. She believes the teaching-learning process is dynamic; in the classroom, she provides insightful and timely remarks while challenging students to reach new heights of scholarly work. Nyamathi's passion for equity and justice is evident in her research. Her collaborative research initiatives in India focus on a lay-health worker model to deliver multidisciplinary intervention to improve the quality of life for women in rural enclaves. Nyamathi's investigative work has resulted in more than 155 articles in 100 journals and she has been a member/chair of more than 30 dissertation committees. Additionally, she has been principal investigator of eight NIH-funded R0Is. Nyamathi fosters a collaborative cross-cultural learning bridge through an international exchange, fueling students' and nurses' professional growth.