The UCLA School of Nursing received $5.7 million in grants from the National Institutes of Health – placing the school #7 in total dollars received for research in 2012.

The School has climbed from #13 to #7 for total funding received from the National Institutes of Health over the past four years.   Last year the school entered the Top 10 at #10.

"This continued growth in research dollars reflects the amazing work that is being accomplished by our researchers," said Courtney H. Lyder, Dean of the UCLA School of Nursing "From bench to bedside, we are working on advancing health."

"Few schools of nursing have such robust faculty prepared in the biological sciences," added Lyder.  "And few are able to combine behavioral sciences with the biological sciences to conduct biobehavioral research the way we can.  By doing so, we are able to tackle many meaningful questions, including how biology influences human behavior."

NIH funded research at the school includes:

* AIDS Immunity by Gene Therapy
* Early Detection of Pressure Ulcers in Nursing Home Residents
* Methamphetamine Abuse: Long-Term Trajectories, Correlates and Treatment Effects
* Home Electronic Cardiography Monitoring to Detect Donor Organ Rejection Following Heart Transplantation
* Protein Changes and Cholesterol Effects in Alzheimer's Detection
* Vulnerable Populations/Health Disparities Research
* Stress and Health in Families Caregivers of Persons with Heart Failure
* Wireless Pain Intervention for At-Risk Youths with Sickle Cell Disease
* Community Based Lifestyle Promotion with Latino Women
* Korean Immigrants and Mammography–Culture Specific Health Intervention
* Gender Differences in Neural Deficits Associated with Obstructive Sleep Apnea
* Underserved Men's Understanding of Risks Related to Androgen Deprivation Therapy for Prostate Cancer
* Prostate Cancer Clinical Decision Making by Diagnosed and High-risk Latino Men
* Hepatitis B, C and HIV Prevention among Homeless Youth
* Health Promotion Coaching for Homeless Parolees
* Social Health Activists Role in HIV Health Promotion Intervention in India
* UCLA/Charles Drew University Partnership for Enhancing Diversity of Nurses with Research Careers
* Vascular Function, Cardiovascular Disease Biomarkers and the Latino Paradox
* Glycemic Load and Resistance Training on Endothelial Function and Inflammation
* HIV Medication Adherence Program in Southeast Asia
* Impact of a Community Based Participatory Research Program on Obesity-related Outcomes in Underserved Youth
* Sleep Disordered Breathing and Passive Limb Movement in Children with Paraplegia
* Sleep and Brain Function in Heart Failure
* Memory, Thiamine Levels and Brain Structure in Heart Failure
* Passive Foot Movement and Sleep Disordered Breathing in Heart Failure