(Los Angeles, CA, December 20, 2011) Sister Callista Roy, a prominent nurse theorist, writer, lecturer, researcher and teacher, will be the next speaker for the Distinguished Alumni Speaker Series at the UCLA School of Nursing February 9, 2012.  Roy will discuss "Restructuring Nursing Knowledge to Impact Nursing's Preferred future."

Roy is best known for development of the Roy Adaption Model of Nursing, a framework for theory, practice and research in nursing. 

The Adaptation Model of Nursing, developed while Roy was a student at the UCLA School of Nursing in 1964, looks at the patient from a holistic perspective and asks three central questions:

  • What is the central concern of the person?
  • How is the person dealing with this concern?
  • What can the nurse do to enhance abilities to handle the situation?

   Four concepts of her model are:  the human being, a changing environment, adaptation and nursing. Adapting to changes in health and illness are shown in four modes: physiological (the maintenance of the physical body), self concept (integrity of the mind and spirit), role function (how we adapt to changes in positions we hold), and interdependence (giving and receiving from other people). The nurse works with the person in these four modes to set goals for a nursing care plan.  The impact of this model on practice continues, with healthcare organizations using it in designing the strategies for Magnet status. Further reviews are published and in progress on 300 studies based on this model.

Roy has been named a Living Legend by the American Academy of Nursing and the Massachusetts Registered Nurses Association.  Roy has authored numerous publications, including books and journal articles, on nursing theory and other professional topics.  Her works have been translated into many languages all over the world.

She began her education at Mount Saint Mary's College.  She has master's degrees in pediatric nursing and sociology from UCLA, where she also earned her PhD.

The program will be held at the UCLA James West Alumni Center, from 6-8 pm.   To register for the event, visit

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