Highlighting our research at the 2016 WIN Conference

From a preconference panel on Building a Successful and Sustained Program of Research (featuring Dr. Nancy Pike) through three days of posters, symposiums and presentations, the excellence of the School of Nursing’s research could be seen and heard throughout the Western Institute of Nursing Conference.  Speakers included Laura Perry, Anna Dermenchayan (PhD Student), Dr. MarySue Heilemann, Dr. Huibrie Pieters, Dr. Jan Mentes, Ariz Guzman (PhD Student), Hafifa Siddiq Shabaik (PhD Student), Sharon Cobb (PhD Student), Dr. Benissa Salem, Dr. Deborah Koniak-Griffin, Dr. Mary Ann Shinnick, Eden Brauer (PhD Student) and Maria Yefimova (PhD Student).  Posters were presented by Cecille Marie Basilio (PhD Student), Stephanie Fletes (MECN student), Tiffany Montgomery (PhD Student), Judy McKelvy (PhD Student), Sharee Anzalado (PhD Student), Deborah Rothhaar (PhD Student), Sharon Cobb (PhD Student), Tykeysha Thomas (PhD Student), Dr. Casey MacGregor (post-doc); Patricia Leads, (PhD Student), Fayette Nguyen Truax (PhD Student), William Chou (PhD Student) and Dr. Sarah Choi.  Dr. Jan Mentes and Dr. Eufemia Jacob hosted Network with Experts Luncheon Roundtables.
Mark your calendar for next year’s Conference in Denver, CO (April 19-22).  WIN will be celebrating 50 years!  Dr. Linda Sarna will be one of three “State of the Science” keynote speakers.

2016 WIN Program