The Best is Yet to Come — Spotlight on School of Nursing at WIN



The UCLA School of Nursing’s excellence in research was well represented at the 2017 Western Institute of Nursing’s annual Communicating Nursing Research Conference. This was the 50th anniversary of the WIN conference.

One of the highlights of the conference was the State of the Science Talk on The Future of Nursing Research given by Dean Linda Sarna on April 21.  With a focus on the health issues of Western United States (where 23 percent of the U.S. population resides), Sarna presented an overview of the factors influencing health and nursing care including diverse and changing populations as well as the opportunities available for nurse researchers from basic to translational research. 

“Imaging a future for nursing is daunting,” said Sarna “because there are so many unknowns for financing healthcare and for models for care.  But given the opportunities to explore delivery of care, population health, reduce health care disparities and translate evidence into practice using technology, big data and interprofessional partnerships, the best is yet to come."

Dean Linda Sara was inducted into the Western Academy of Nurses during a special Awards luncheon on April 20.  The Academy recognizes and honors nurses who have demonstrated excellence in nursing practice and who have advanced nursing in direct care, education or research. She was nominated for this honor by Dr. Deborah Koniak-Griffin and Adey Nyamathi, the Dean at the Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing.

Other School highlights during the three-day conference included:

Two symposiums

  • The Eastern Europe Nurses’ Center of Excellence for Tobacco Control” featuring Dr. Mary Rezk-Hanna, Dr. Marjorie Wells, and Dean Sarna.  This symposium described the establishment of the Eastern Centre of Excellence for Nurses and Tobacco Control, a six-country collaboration targeted due to a high prevalence of smoking among the population and higher rates of tobacco-related disease and mortality, compared with Western Europe.


  • Violence among Vulnerable Populations: A Call for Nurse-Led Leadership  Moderated by Dr. Benissa Salem and featuring presentations on the “Impact of Abuse and Violence on Health Outcomes among American Indians” by Dr. Felicia Hodge and “Reclaiming a Sense of Self: Women’s Veterans Reconstructing Identity After Trauma” by Dr. Lindsay Williams, post-doctoral research fellow.


Podium presentations

  • Dr. Rosamar Torres:A Longitudinal Study of Antenatal Depression in Late Adolescent and Young Women
  • Communications Director Laura Perry: Communicating the impact of nursing science
  • Dr. Nalo Hamilton: Retention of Faculty of Color in Academic Nursing


  • Dr. Benissa Salem: Frailty among Homeless Women with a History of Incarceration and Drug Use.
  • Dr. Eunice Lee: Colorectal Cancer Screening and Preventive Health Behaviors among Thai Americans
  • Dr. Deborah Koniak-Griffin: Role of Support and Perceived Barriers and Benefits in Physical Activity of Adolescents




  • Dr. Sarah Choi: Correlates of Spousal Support among Korean immigrants with Type 2 Diabetes”
  • Lecturer Nancy Jo Bush: “Psychosocial Distress Screen for the Patient with Cancer”
  • PhD Student Paula Belson: “Health-related Quality of Life in retinoblastoma survivors: Review of the literature”
  • PhD student Eunjoo An: A re-evaluation of sleep apnea as a causal factor for hypertension
  • PhD Student Sharee B. Anzaldo: Caring for a Child with Autism: Filipino American Beliefs and Perceptions”
  • PhD Candidate Deborah Curtis: The Relationship between Work Place Racism and Obesity in African American Women
  • PhD Student Tykeysha Thomas : Methodology to Investigate Microaggressions and health among college students
  • Fogarty Scholar Xianhong Li: Chinese Nurses Emotional Experiences and Value Clarification from Caring Dying Patients



In addition to presentations, a group of nursing PhD post-doctoral fellows and students participated in the Denver March for Science and were interviewed by local radio station about the importance of nursing research