Trisha G. Zagha-Bear (Patricia Gordon), B.S. ’71

In response to what she saw as the diminished focus on deaf pregnant women and deaf families with young children, Zagha-Bear established and became CEO of Perinatal Foundation for the Deaf. The nonprofit organization provides in-home education in a culturally appropriate milieu for the deaf to understand pregnancy, childbirth, child development, parenting skills, nutrition, and health. Goals include encouraging healthy birth outcomes; reducing Cesarean sections; decreasing hospital stays; increasing breastfeeding; improving child physical, mental, and emotional health; reducing obesity in children; and decreasing child abuse. After a varied career that included work as a childbirth specialist for hospitals in New York and Arizona and as the nurse for the consulates and their families at the American Embassy in Guadalajara, Mexico, Zagha-Bear returned to California in 1989 to study American Sign Language and ultimately became a certified interpreter for the deaf.