Sharon M. Valente, M.S. ’74, Ph.D.

Valente, associate chief nurse for research and education at the Greater Los Angeles Veterans Affairs Healthcare System and holder of a faculty appointment at the UCLA School of Nursing, conducts research in the areas of mental health, human sexuality, suicide, and end-of-life care. She is the coauthor of three books, including Suicide: Assessment and Intervention and Human Sexuality, as well as approximately 120 peer-reviewed articles. Among her many honors, Valente received the 2008 GLA Nursing Hero award and has been featured with an Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Innovation Profile. Her teams also received two national VA Innovation Awards in 2008. Valente served on the American Psychological Association End of Life Task Force and has received the American Association of Suicidology Shneidman Award. She has led a People To People delegation on suicidology to Russia and Estonia. After earning her master’s degree at the school, Valente obtained her Ph.D. in Psychology from USC.