Lorraine S. Evangelista M.N. ’93, Ph.D. ’00

Lorraine S. Evangelista M.N ’93, Ph.D. ’00 is an associate professor at the UC Irvine Program of Nursing Science. She has worked in the critical care setting in several nursing roles. As a researcher, Evangelista is recognized nationally and internationally for her investigation into the care of patients with heart disease, and the effects of this disease on the patients and their family members. She has numerous publications in medical and nursing journals on adherence, self-care, psychological distress, quality of life and health literacy. She received a $2.1 million grant (NIH-NHLBI) to examine the effects of macronutrients on delaying the progression of heart failure and is part of a UC system-wide consortium that was awarded $9.9 million to examine the impact of wireless technology on reducing variations in care of patients hospitalized with heart failure. As an educator, Evangelista is dedicated to using innovative educational techniques to enhance the utilization of nursing knowledge and promote the legacy of nursing to the next generation of scholars in creative and exciting ways. She has made tenure within the UC system and was also inducted as a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing.