Kristine M. Gebbie, M.S.N. ’68, Dr.P.H.

Gebbie has played a key role in matters of nursing, public health policy and emergency preparedness for many years, having worked with multiple federal, state and local agencies, as well as the New York Presbyterian Healthcare System. She served as chief state health official in both Oregon and Washington, established the first AIDS Policy Office at the White House during the Clinton administration, and directed all outpatient services at St. Louis University Medical Center. Most recently, Gebbie was named to the endowed Joan Grabe Deanship at Hunter College, City University of New York, in September 2009. Prior to that she served for 14 years as Elizabeth Standish Gill Professor of Nursing and director of the Center for Health Policy at Columbia University School of Nursing. Gebbie recently completed directing six years of emergency and bioterrorism training funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration, through which she led the New York Consortium for Emergency Preparedness Continuing Education. Her current research is focused in public health infrastructure and public health law; she also continues to be a leader in developing the public health workforce for the 21st century.