Bernice L. Coleman, Ph.D. ’95

Coleman has 25 years of advanced practice nursing experience as a clinical nurse specialist and, currently, as a board-certified acute care nurse practitioner in the heart transplantation and ventricular assist programs at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. As a doctoral student at the school under the direction of Dr. Donna Vredevoe, she cultivated her clinical and bench interest in transplant immunology, and went on to complete postdoctoral studies in the Histocompatibility Laboratory at Cedars-Sinai. Coleman has presented and published on the topics associated with care of the cardiac surgical patient, critical care nursing issues and ethnic immunogenetics of heart transplantation. She was awarded the 2008 Distinguished Alumna/I Award from the Yale School of Nursing, from which she received her M.S. degree; and the GE Healthcare and American Association of Critical Care Nurses 2009 Pioneering Spirit Award.