Anna Gawlinski, Ph.D. ’93

Gawlinski, a cardiovascular clinical nurse specialist since 1979, has since 2002 served as the first director of evidence-based practice at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and adjunct professor at the UCLA School of Nursing. In the former capacity, she has developed and implemented an infrastructure that supports research and evidence-based practice initiatives in the Department of Nursing. Her work in mentoring staff nurses, advanced practice nurses and clinical and administrative leaders has helped clinicians apply research findings in day-to-day practice situations to improve patient outcomes. Gawlinski’s own research focuses on accurate measurement of hemodynamic and oxygenation variables, as well as the associated clinical outcomes when using various methods of measurement in advanced heart failure patients. Gawlinski is also known for her collaborative work with cardiologists for improving care of patients with acute myocardial infarctions and acute coronary artery syndromes. In her role as an adjunct professor, Gawlinski teaches students in training to become clinical nurse specialists who work with medical center clinical nurse specialists on research based practice changes at the hospital.