Aaron J. Strehlow, Ph.D. ’01

Since 1986, Strehlow has practiced full time as a nurse practitioner at the UCLA School of Nursing’s academic nursing center at the Union Rescue Mission, and since 1995 he has served as the center’s administrator. The clinic provides primary healthcare to the homeless and indigent on Los Angeles’ Skid Row and is part of the National Health Care for the Homeless Program. In his professional career Strehlow has been involved in all aspects of homeless healthcare, mostly at a clinical practice level. He has worked with all levels of students in the clinic over the years, and has been actively involved with the National Health Care for the Homeless Council and Clinician’s Network, serving in both member and officer roles. Strehlow has lectured nationally on homeless healthcare issues, has conducted patient-centered research and serves on several advisory boards focused on health-related problems of vulnerable populations. He also serves as an assistant clinical professor at the UCLA School of Nursing, lecturing on pharmacology and other topics.