2015 Donor Honor Roll

The School of Nursing would like to acknowledge the generosity of our donors in 2015, whose gifts support students and faculty, and research.  It is important to acknowlege you properly.  If an error has been made in the listing of your name or gift, please contact Sarah Low at (310)206-7813 or slow@sonnet.ucla.edu. 
Walton W. Li
Elsie MS '65 and Francois Studer
Elsie B. Studer Revocable Living Trust
Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital, Ltd.
Northeast Valley Health Corporation
Kathryn '57, MS '58 and George Arabrite
Shirley '59 and Ralph Shapiro '53, JD '58
American Association of Critical Care Nurses
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Judith "60 and Roger Benson '58
Sabrina Matoff-Stepp and John Stepp
Heidi '84 and David Welch
Linda Burnes Bolton MN '72, MPH '76, DrPH '88
Madelyn and Ronald Katz '58
Margo MSN '05 and Garo Minissian
Debra Kay Moser MN '88, PhD '92
Barbara Riegel MN '83, PhD '91 and Thomas Gillespie BA '65, MA '68
National Hartford Centers of Gerontological Nursing Excellence
Harry W. Boyd
Lynn MN '86, PhD '94 and Bruce Doering JD '84
Gamma Tau Chapter Sigma Theta Tau
Latifeh and Farhad Hagigi MPH '97, DrPH '99, MA '10, PhD '14
Ellen '74, MN '78 and Harold Meier MS '72, ME '81
Jan Nash and Elizabeth Resnick MBA '13
Sheila MN '79 and Gerald Wroblewski
Nancy MN '75, PhD '87 and Don Anderson
Helen and Roland Baker '61
Boeing Company
Jane '70 and Harry Bruckel '65
Suzette Cardin PhD '95 and Edward Barden
Suzanne MSN '96 and Peter Day
Edith Inez Dominguez MN '73
Bonnie Faherty MN '75, MPH '76 and Edward Feldman '63, JD '66
Bonnie A.C. Lee Fang Foundation
Julie Waxman and Seth Freeman
Anna Gawlinski PhD '93 and Ronald Ramus '91
Mark Gittler
Linda MN '77 and Stanley Gorman
Valerie MS '66 and Robert Gwyn MBA '66
Mary Dee Hacker
Jo Ann and Eugene Harley
Darryl Felton Johnson "70
Tonia Amos Jones MSN '96, PhD '06 and Darryl Jones
Leslie MN '79 and Aaron Kern '75, MD '80
Aaron and Leslie Kern Family Trust
Michelle Curtis-Lavin MN '90 and Norman Lavin
Jeanne '55 and Robert Mc Fadden '56, MBA '57
Susan '77 and Howard Mandel
Kim and Miguel Manrique
Joanne MN "74 and Marc Moser '67, MPH '72
Reiko Nagumo '56, MN '58
Adey and Eswar Nyamathi
Oncology Nursing Foundation
Benjamin Rozwood '91
Linda '69, MN '76 and Gregory Sarna MD '70
Amy Rex Smith, PhD '94 and Bradford Smith
Kathleen '76 and James Stengel
The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
James and Kathleen Stengel Fund
The San Francisco Foundation Gustav Sutro Schwartz Trust
Linda Diann Urden MN '81
USX Foundation Inc.
Cathy Ward PhD '95
Sandra and Jay Wilbur '68
Mary A. Woo MN '88, PhD '92
Patrice and Stephen Zamenhof
Lynn '64 and William Zeman
In Memorium
Dolores A. Fehmer, MS '69
Judith Riemer, BS '77
Patricia M. Smyer, MN '90, DNS '94
Gayla H. Nielsen, PhD '08
Lillian C. Doran, BS '60, MS '65
Helen I. Weber, MS '63
Gail P. Horsley, MN '70
Allene P. Jones, MA '68
Dianne S. Moore, MN '70
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