2016 Donor Honor Roll

Gifts and Pledges for the period of July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016

The UCLA School of Nursing is grateful to all of our alumni, friends, students, faculty, staff, foundation and corporate partners for your contributions. This Honor Roll recognizes our generous donors who have made contributions of $100 or more during the 2015-16 fiscal year.  

Whether your gift is $50 or $500,000, your generosity enables us to continue to build upon our excellent record of transforming nursing practice and advancing science by enabling students and faculty to reach new levels of success. 

It is important to acknowlege you properly.  If an error has been made in the listing of your name or gift, please contact Sarah Low at (310)206-7813 or slow@sonnet.ucla.edu. 

* Deceased

(p) Parent


Corporate and Foundation Donors


Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital, Ltd.


Northeast Valley Health Corporation

AltaMed Health Services Corporation


Ralph M. Parsons Foundation


The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Jonas Center for Nursing Excellence


California Walnut Commission


Jonas Veterans Healthcare Program

National Hartford Centers of Gerontological Nursing Excellence

Sigma Theta Tau


The Boeing Company

Jewish Community Foundation Melanie & John Bronstein Fund

International Cinematographers Guild Local 600 IATSE

United Way of Bay Area

Chevron Corporation

Google, Inc.

Helen B. Finke Trust

Network For Good

Northern Trust Bank of California

Northrop Grumman Corporation


Wells Fargo & Company

Audiences Unlimited, Inc.

The John P. Edlefsen Family Trust

Trust of Marla Jo Horn

IBM Corporation

Real Mex Restaurants

Xerox Foundation


Individual Donors


Ava Kwong and Walton Li MD '74


Elsie* MS '65 and Francois* Studer

Elsie B. Studer Revocable Living Trust


Judith '60 and Roger* Benson '58 (p)


Harry W. Boyd

Heidi '84 and David Welch


Suzette Cardin PhD '95 and Edward Barden

Lynn  MN '86, PhD '94 and Bruce Doering JD '84

Linda MN '77 and Stanley Gorman

Sabrina Matoff-Stepp and John Stepp

Ellen '74, MN '78 and Harold Meier MS '72, ME '81

Benjamin Rozwood '91 (p)

Phyllis '59, MS '63 and William* Sussman '55 (p)

Sheila MN '79 and Gerald Wroblewski (p)



Tonia Amos Jones MSN '96, PHD '06 and Darryl Jones

Katherine MN '80 and William Anderson

Nancy MN '75, PHD '87 and Don* Anderson

Lucy Jo Atkinson MS '66

Jane '70 and Harry Bruckel '65

Enid Busser (p)

Michele Curtis-Lavin MN '90 and Norman Lavin

Grace Ellen Dean PHD '02

Edith Inez Dominguez MN '73

Diane MN '80 and Brian Drake

Bonnie Faherty MN '75, MPH '76 and Edward Feldman '63, JD '66

Julie Waxman and Seth Freeman

Mary Gill-Nolan MN '74 and Ken Nolan

Charles Alan Griffis MS '83, PHD '05

Kelly Guzman MN '94 and Mark Tennant

Mary Dee Hacker

Kathleen A. Hawkins MSN '98

Jo Ann and Eugene Herley

Vara Himathongkham MN '93 and Sutham Lertivichuhath

Darryl Felton Johnson '70

Madelyn* and Ronald Katz '58 (p)

Robin C. F. Lee

Margo MSN '05 and Garo Minissian

Yoko '56 and T. Peter* Mori

Debra Kay Moser MN '88, PhD '92

Joanne MN '74 and Marc Moser '67, MPH '72

Reiko Nagumo '56, MN '58

Jan Nash and Elizabeth Resnick MBA '13

Adey and Eswar Nyamathi

Linda '69, MN '76 and Gregory Sarna MD '70

Jeffrey Lawrence Saver

The San Francisco Foundation Gustav Sutro Schwartz Trust

Mary and Bill Sladek (p)

Sara Judith Spencer '85, '87, MPH '05

John Andrew Speraw '95

Linda Diann Urden MN '81

Cathy PhD '95 and Robert Ward

Sandra and Jay Wilbur '68 (p)

Ann MN '90 and Donald Williams

Lynn '64 and William Zeman


Carol and Daniel Benson (p)

Karen MN '85 and Greg Brody '75, MPH '77, MBA '77 (p)

Melanie MN '84 and John Bronstein '78

Brittani '11 and Christopher Clark Jr. '01

Michelle MSN '01 and Roman Cornell

Heidi and Michael* Crooks

Suzanne MSN '96 and Peter Day

Ann Dechairo-Marino PHD '00 and William Marino

Pamela Diggle and William Friedman

Kathleen MN '74 and John Dracup

Gloria and Stanley Fishfader

Judith MN '87 and Jonathan Groesbeck

Dana '79, MS '86 and Thomas Grogan

Grogan Living Trust

Susan '61 and Robert Horning '59

Deborah Koniak-Griffin and Arthur Griffin

Barbara '57 and Roderich Lamm

Jan Louise Lee MN '80

Nancy Keenan Lewis '66

Ada and George Lindsey

Ann '74 and Raymond Lowe '77

Kim and Miguel Manrique (p)

Robert Felix Maxwell IV '03, MSN '12

Mika and William Meierding '95

Karen '82 and Joel Nelson (p)

Melanie Olsrud MSN '98 and Mark* Turner

M. Carol MN '95 and William Parente (p)

Carol and Charles Pavlish

Huibrie PHD '09 and Jacobus Pieters

Isabell MSN '99, PHD '04 and Laurence Purdy

Susan MSN '99 and Rick Renteria

Laurie Elizabeth Reyen '78, MN '83

Judith MN '84 and James Roach Jr. (p)

Marsha '73, MN '79 and Alan Roberson '71

Mary Ann Shinnick MN '92, PHD '10 and Harry Wurmsdobler

Suzanne MN '85 and Paul* Ward

Susan Setsue Yamada '66

Patrice and Stephen* Zamenhof



Nicole Akana MSN '05

Lydia Almeida MN '91

Mary Jane Amundson MS '66, PHD '74

Prudence Stennett-Anderson '05, MSN '07 and Joshua Anderson JD '00

Kathleen MN '89 and James Anderson

Shannon Kay Armstrong-Fell '91

Mimica and Ibrahim Arnaout (p)

Joyce '59 and David Atkinson

Katherine MN '78 and J. Dennis Baker

P. Pasha Baker MN '59

Noura Cindy Balian MSN '07

Linda Barlow-Palo MN '95 and Paul Palo

Lisa Elaine Batchelor MSN '04

Sonya MN '74 and M. Lloyd* Baum

Barbara Beal-Libby MN '69 and Donald Libby

Tracy Bennett MSN '96

Sandra Smythe Bibb '59

Lisa Marie Bielinski MN '95

Mirja S. Bishop '60

Nancy MN '89, PHD '12 and Kevin Blake

Adele Anne Bradford '00

Judith '66 and Gary Brady

Sandra MSN '00 and Thomas Bresnahan

Barbara Brewer (p)

Sheila Ann Bronson '79

Corinne Buchanan MSN '08

Sarah MSN '96 and Ben Buenviaje

Rhonda Loretta Burno MSN '97

Catherine '66 and Jerome Burns

Shirley MS '60 and Gene* Burt

Evelyn PhD '91 and Samuel Calvillo

Helen MSN '97 and Michael Cambron

Annice MN '83 and David Chang

Judith Shirley Chapman '58 (p)

Donna MSN '98 and John Cheslick

Nancy '66 and Gilbert Chesterton (p)

Cynthia Alvarez Clegg '07, MSN '09

Merces and Jerry Coelho (p)

Joan '69, MN '71, PHD '02 and Martin Cohen '70, PHD '78

Diane Elaine Collins MS '79

Betsy '66 and Thomas Collins '66

Julie '80, MN '87 and Robert Creaser

Maria Lorevell Curioso '07

Francine MN '92 and William Curtis

Veronica MN '91 and Chris Dale

Beverly Jean Daniel MSN '00

Marcia '72, MA '75, MN '76 and Jerry Davis MBA '75, MPH '75

Marcia Davis Living Trust

Leon Cervantes De Leon '71

Carol Rose De Lilly PHD '14

Kristine T. De Queiroz MS '57 (p)

Evangeline Orianda De Salvo '74

Elizabeth Delgado-Yang MN '87 and Michael Yang (p)

Barbara Laura Demman-Khoda MSN '08

Marguerite MN '80 and Thomas Dennis Jr.

Anayis MS '74 and Ara Derdiarian

Pamela Dernham '83 and Gregory Linden '92

Evelyn Marcia Desser '82, MN '90

Susan Dewey Hammer MN '77 and Jeffrey Hammer

Lisa MSN '10 and Joe Diaz

Scott Dicks

Constance MS '63 and James Dillon Jr.

Marjorie and James* Downie Jr.

Amy and Ludek Drizhal

Maria Antwinette Dudley '82

Jeannette MN '85 and James Duffield Jr.

Jo-Ann O. Eastwood MN '95, PHD '04

Jane '56 and Edward Eldredge

Jefferson Andres Escuadro '93, MSN '98

Nigatwa Eshete

Suzanne Leigh Farhat MN '92

Mary Feeley '71 and Robert Daniels '71

Helen '49, MS '61 and Harold* Finke

Jacquelyn and John Flaskerud

Sarah Bailey Forsythe '92, MS '81

Charleene '60, MS '64 and Douglass Frazier

Rosemary MN '82 and Paul Frenkiel

Sheana '77, MN '88, PhD '92 and William Funkhouser

Catherine M. Gabster MSN '07

Laura Maria Galeazzi MSN '99

Josefina Garcia MSN '14

Richard K. Gibson MN '85

Dolores '79 and Fredrick Gillmore Jr.

Vickie '79, MN '93 and Kevin Gleed

Mona Golla Morris '79 and Ben Morris

Gloria Gonzales De Leon '73, MN '95

Jennifer Barba Gonzales MSN '06

Nancy '66 and William Gordon

Carol '74, MN '89 and Warren* Greene

Dolores and Forest* Grunigen

Elizabeth '79 and Francis Gyermek '79 (p)

Karen PHD '93 and Vytas Gylys

Caroline J. Han '03, MSN '05

Fouad Hanna

Dejon Harris

Darice MN '89 and Nevin Hawkins

Heidi Heflin MN '89 and Ernie Guzman

Candece Leigh Henry

Susan Ruby Hernandez MSN '03

Donna L. Hilber MSN '06

Karen and Eric Hipp (p)

Marcia and Jeffrey* Hobbs

Christine '67 and Clifford Hogstedt '67

Brandon Keith Holiwell MSN '12

Leah Nicole Holiwell '11

Margaret Shannon Holloway '73, MN '86

Mary MN '88 and Thomas Horan

Chai Huang '96, MSN '04 and Kan Ishioka

Hsiu-Hui and Yu Huang (p)

Lynn '70 and Howard Hudson

Mary Jane '56 and Richard Hungate

Yukiko and Robert Husser (p)

Betty Huynh MSN '11

Roberta MN '95 and Robert Itami

Debara '69 and Ross Jameson

Belen B. Jaquez MN '69

Linda MN '79, MBA '83 and Manfred Jaspersen MBA '83

Kia Skrine Jeffers

Hung-Jie Jeng MSN '14

Marilyn Ann Jensen '58

Laura Sheri Jimenez MSN '96

Marilyn L. Johnson

Clifford Ray Jordan '57

Vanessa Maria Kalis MSN '03

Emi Kamikawa '61, MED '77

Fred Karger and Joe Wagner

Alexandra Kasioumis '07, MSN '10

Jean '83, MN '86 and Jerome Kasper (p)

Diane MN '85 and Robert Katsma

Helen Kluthcher Kee MS '68

M. Patricia Kelly-Brown MS '69 and Rex Brown

Sook-Ja and Ja Kim

Cynthia Kimble-Williams (p)

Rachel Anna Klein '08

Carolyn Elizabeth Kunin '72, MA '74

Lois and Craig Kusunoki

Deborah MN '85 and Tom Larson

Georgia Lasry

Cheryl MN '90 and Scott Lee

E. Juanita Lee MN '74

Mary '91, MSN '98 and Thomas Lesniewski PHD '97

Mary DRPH '84 and Charles* Lewis

Christine and Jung Lim '97, DDS '02, MS '02

Shiu Shia Wang and Yen Cheng Lin (p)

Jane Evelyn Lindenmuth MN '82

Julie MSN '97 and David Lister

Carolyn Felt Lokey '65 and O. Kit Lokey '64, MBA '67 (p)

Ann MN '81 and Thomas Long

Christina and Roy Long (p)

Sarah and Benson Low '10

Rafaelisa Asido Luis MSN '05

Deborah Jean Macdonald PHD '06

Colleen MS '66 and Charles* Madaris

Margaret Yoshiko Maeno MN '78

Sandra MN '78 and Robert Malone Jr.

Philip Cooper Marks MSN '11

Amanda Michelle Markusson MSN '14

Ellie Martin MN '89

Angelika Berta Mayer '55, '58

Beverley Rose Mc Pherson MN '89

Jane Marie McAteer MN '76

Erika Anne McCormick MSN '14

Alice McDole

Nancy Ellen McGrath MN '91

Thelma '65 and Jack Meier

Sherri PHD '07 and Thomas Mendelson

Amsale Menkir and Tsega Mintesnot (p)

Marilyn '77 and John Mignosa

Tiffany Monique Montgomery

Marsha Renee Moreno MSN '05

Kathleen MN '85 and Wayne Morgan '71

Denise MN '86 and George Morris Jr.

Fay MS '66 and Calvin Moss

Lani MN '93 and Douglas Moss

Susie Lee MN '77 and Keith Nakao

Jane Naylor-Bernardy MN '76

Vida Francis Negrete '59

Lorie and David Neste '72, MBA '75 (p)

Susan MN '71 and Robert Nicholson (p)

Marian MN '78 and John Niles

Russell C. Noel

Delora* '58 and Stanley Norsworthy '58, PHD '70

Pearl and James Oest

Jeanette and Brendan O'Flaherty

Roberta S. O'Grady

Cheryl Okumura-Nieders '82 and Alan Nieders

Joanna '58 and Jerry Olmstead '58

Joyce Oyetibo (p)

Barbara Sophie Parent MSN '10

Annette '58 and Alton* Parker Jr. '57

James J. Peoples

Nancy Lou Pepper MS '59

Sally T. Pham '97, MSN '99

Sheila Pickwell MN '77 and Ronald Langacker

Yvonne '58 and Stanley Pine '57, MS '62, PHD '63

Joanne '72, MN '77 and Robert Pollack '71

Sharon '73 and Lyle Randles III '71

Mary MN '87 and Louis Rappoport

Marsha Lee Ray '70

Pamela Ann Ready MS '96

Rosalyn and Morton Resnick '61

Kristin '91, MSN '99 and David Rhodes

Judith* '77 and Craig Riemer JD '80

Joan MN '94 and Eddie Rigdon

Susan PHD '03 and Dennis Roberts

Virginia '64 and Harry Robinson

Arlene '60 and John Rocchio

Alice I. Rogers MN '91

Christine '71 and Eric Rosa '70

Sharon MN '91 and Jim Rowlands '66

Theresa M. Russo MSN '96

Jane MN '72 and Asa Ryan Jr.

Linda Ryan-Nicklas MN '92 and Rick Nicklas (p)

Diane Phyllis Salomone '83, MN '86

Eleanor Saltzer Weinstein '66, MN '68 and Gerald* Weinstein (p)

Heather MSN '04 and Matthew Sanders MA '93

Rebecca MN '83 and Michael Sanders

Arleen and Renato Santos (p)

Paul Shittu Sanusi (p)

Ruth '64, MPH '75 and Simon Sayre MPH '68

Karen Corinne Scharff '81

Lee '63, MS '68 and Reynold* Schmidt '60, MD '65, MPH '67

Janet '73, MN '76 and Matthew Schneiderman

Deborah MN '87 and Walter Schobel

Sylvia Marie Schulz (p)

Carol '60 and Robert* Schwab '61

Kathleen and Darryl Scrivner

Esther F. Seeley

Annette Louise Sellon MSN '96

Frances Sharma Stoeckle MN '77 and William Stoeckle

Mary Eileen Sheridan MN '83

Bonnie Ellen Siegal MN '78, PhD '94

Anne R. Skinner MN '85

Paula Smith MN '90 and Robert Loitz

Rita MN '72 and Darryl Solberg

Lori and Carl Spidell (p)

Sheila Finnerty Stinnett MN '94

Barbara Stock MN '73

Barbara '67 and Russell Stone

Dawn MN '85 and Richard Stone

Evangeline Tangog Theobald '90, MN '95 and John Theobald

Molly '86 and Juan Tello (p)

Darlene Sue Thomasec MN '80

Deirdre MN '93 and Robert Thornlow

Marcy J. Tichacek MN '94

Margaret Anne Topf MS '67

Amela Hassana Truluck

Deborah Tsuyuki '78 and Paul Banta

Carl D. Tyler

Frances '56 and George Uchida

Martha MN '70 and Gerald Uelmen

Adolfo Alberto Valerin Jr. '05, MSN '13

Margarita Bondad Vallejo '79

Inese Verzemnieks PHD '98

Sarah Akure Wall

Debby Weber MN '78

Karina MN '87 and Dan Wehrspann

Denise Weibel '95

Diane '65 and Thomas Weisenburger MD '69

Shirley Victoria Wendell MSN '09

Spring L. Wettgen MSN '03

Dorothy PHD '95 and Robert Wiley (p)

Lindsay Williams '10, MS '14, PHD '15

Rhea MN '74, PHD '87 and John Williams (p)

Laurie MN '80 and David Wills

Ingrid '87 and John Wilson DDS '87

Nicolas Wiseman

Alina Carmen Wong '12

Barbara and Stanley Wong (p)

Lucile MS '65 and Hiram* Wood

Imelda L. Zapata MSN '99

Laura Teresa Zibecchi '82






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