Prerequisites for International Students

All applicants to the M.S.N. Advanced Practice/Post Licensure program must complete the following undergraduate courses prior to entering the program: statistics and nursing research. In addition, students admitted to the program in all specialties except nursing administration must have completed a human physiology course within five years and an approved physical assessment course prior to entering the program. Courses may be offered during the summer at UCLA for students who have not already completed an acceptable prerequisite course.

Statistics: An upper division introductory or equivalent biostatistics course that covers the following topics: distributions, sampling, tests of hypotheses, estimation, types of error, significance and confidence intervals, and sample sizes (4 quarter units or equivalent; Biostatistics 100A at UCLA).
Approved Statistics Courses

Research: An upper division undergraduate level research in nursing course with content that focuses on planning a research project by teaching the student rules for definition of terms, alternative methods of writing proposals, selecting a sample, choosing a data collection instrument, planning for data analysis, protecting human rights, reading research reports and writing a research proposal (4 quarter units or equivalent; Nursing 173 at UCLA).
Approved Research Courses

Physical Assessment: A comprehensive physical assessment course within the last three years providing an in-depth review and synthesis of physical assessment skills and knowledge covering the life span (4 quarter units or equivalent; Nursing 174 at UCLA). A course syllabus is required upon submission of your application. (not required for the Nursing Administration specialty.)
Approved Physical Assessment Courses

Human Physiology: An upper division or equivalent undergraduate level physiology course that includes human systems physiology through cell physiology with emphasis on membrane properties (4 quarter units or equivalent; Physiological Science 3 at UCLA). This course must have been completed within the last five years. Pathophysiology is not acceptable (not required for the Nursing Administration specialty). 
Approved Physiology Courses

Students are required to have basic computer skills prior to admission.